Faculty and Staff Partnership

UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services are here to assist you with your advisees and/or enrolled students within your courses. The partnerships between UD faculty and UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services can combine our strengths and resources in order to achieve the highest benefit for UD students. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the services we provide to students, as well as services we provide for faculty.

Faculty members are encouraged to refer students to UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services regarding the following needs, but not limited to: career counseling; career assessments; career exploration; graduate/professional school information and preparation; resume and cover letter assistance; internship planning and review; job search strategies; and interview preparation. To refer a student, please contact Dr. Amy Baus ABaus@dbq.edu 563.589.3132 (or) Ellen Carr ECarr@dbq.edu 563.589.3167 

INTERESTED IN Collaborating with our Services?

Embed the Resume Workshop and Critique Program series within your 1st or 2nd year course curriculum for two contact periods within the semester. 

Apply Etiquette Curriculum and guest speaking opportunities within your course content to enhance student professional development as they seek and internship, employment, and/or graduate/professional school. 

Encourage students to attend and engage in the weekly programs of the annual Career Week on-campus held during the spring term; over 20 educational sessions provided.   

Encourage students to participate in the Mock Interview Program. 

Become a member of the Vocation & Civic Engagement Services Office Advisory Committee. Click here to learn more

Connect with employers/retirees through the Informational Interview Program and embed within your course curriculum.   

Direct students to the opportunities Vocation & Civic Engagement Services provide and support during the academic year click here.


Access comprehensive information through the Vocation & Civic Engagement Services Moodle page, found within your "My Course Listing" and the Veterans Resource Moodle page or request access.   



UD's Career Services actively utilizes the Occupational Outlook Handbook, provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics click here