Networking Assistance

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics OVER 70% OF ALL JOBS ARE FOUND THROUGH SOME FORM OF NETWORKING!

What is networking? Networking is the process of developing and maintaining contacts and personal connections with a variety of people who might be helpful to you and your career. 

What networking is NOT.  Asking contacts for jobs or internships, bombarding employers with unprofessional questions, or being inconsiderate to an employer.

Why does networking matter?  Networking can keep you engaged in career field dialogue, which can help you in an interview.  Also, networking can provide you a sense of awareness regarding potential job/internship openings before they are published. Finally, employers are more likely to recommend a candidate if they already have built a relationship through networking.

Who should I network with?  Essentially....EVERYONE!  Every conversation you have could potentially be considered a form of networking. Networks you may already have: friends, family, supervisors, co-workers, faculty, campus staff, classmates, coaches, organization/club members, etc. Networks to consider developing: Connecting with UD Alumni, joining professional affiliations, attending career fairs, volunteering, joining campus clubs & organizations, obtaining an internship, or participating in a job shadow.

Want to learn more about networking? Check out the following links: 

Want tips for how to successfully navigate networking in the world of work? Check out the "Career Advice" tab and search through over 40 articles dedicated to networking techniques and suggestions.  

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Get Linked In! Linked In is the world's largest professional online network with over 55 million members. Think of it like Facebook for professionals! Once you get connected to Linked In, join our Linked In group called University of Dubuque Center for Advising & Vocation  to connect with UD Alumni, faculty, and staff. Or, please contact UD's Alumni Office to assist with your connection to a UD Alum.  For more information, click here to watch a YouTube video on the benefits of Linked In


Learn Your Networking Style Understanding what networking style works best for you is key to successful networking. Learn how to make the most of a networking experience. 


Schedule a virtual or phone consultation with vocation and civic engagement professionals to learn more about networking best practices 

  • Assessing social media advantages and pitfalls
  • Cultural context of networking do's and don'ts 
  • Gender role biases and stereotypes relevant to networking  

Build Your Network at UD

UD's Vocation & Civic Engagement Services offer several networking opportunities throughout the academic year.


12 Ways to Network this Academic Year!

  1. Join LinkedIn
  2. Get connected with a UD Alum
  3. Ask family and friends for contacts
  4. Start social branding yourself
  5. Create a business card
  6. Participate in the Mock Interview Program
  7. Participate in the Informational Interview Program
  8. Attend a Career Fair within the state of Iowa, please see up-dated listing
  9. Attend the annual fall CEO Network Luncheon 
  10. Join the FYP student organization  
  11. Apply to participate within an Interview Day 
  12. Visit a graduate/professional school within your field of interest 

Mock Interview Program

Want more advice on how to Network? Check out the Additional Resource Page for more information.