Seeking Internship For Credit

Helpful Topics and Questions to Ask Vocation & Civic Engagement Services, your Academic Advisor, or your Internship Instructor about an Internship for Academic Credit   

  • Internship Basics 
    • What is an internship?
    • Why are internships so important?
    • Where do I start?
    • How do I find an internship?
    • Will my internship be paid?
    • Can I do an internship that is NOT for academic credit?
  • Academic Credit Questions 
    • What majors require me to complete an internship for academic credit?
    • How many hours do I have to work at my internship per academic credit?
    • How many academic credits can I receive for an internship?
    • What is the timeline to having an internship confirmed for academic credit?
    • What happens if my internship starts one semester, but ends another semester?
    • Beyond the expectations of the onsite work, what academic expectations must I uphold in my internship?
  • Your Role & Others Involved 
    • Who is my Intern Instructor?
    • What is my role as a student in developing an internship?
    • What is the role of my Faculty Advisor?
    • What is the role of my Intern Instructor?
    • What is the role of my Site Supervisor?
    • What is the role of Career Services in my internship?
  • Checklist for Completing an Internship 
  • How to Develop Your Own Internship 
  • Questions to Ask Yourself Before Beginning an Internship
  • List of Intern Instructors 
  • Resources for Finding Internship Opportunities 

Additional Internship Resources:

BUILD YOUR RESUME / COVER LETTER: Internships are competitive so you should update your resume and cover letter and have it free of errors. Be sure to have it reviewed by Career Services and another professional of your choice. For more information on developing a resume, cover letter, and reference page go to the Career Preparation Page as well as the Career Vault Library, which contains resume and cover letter examples.

BUILD YOUR INTERVIEW SKILLS: To brush-up on your interview skills, mock interviews are available from Career Services. Most internship employers require students to submit a resume and cover letter, in addition to interviewing for their internship position.



Timeline to have an internship confirmed and reviewed for academic approval:

Fall 2020 Internships by May, 2020  

 Spring 2021 Internships by November, 2020

Summer 2021 Internships by March, 2021  Fall 2021 Internships by May, 2021 

Students are welcome to consult with their faculty advisor or internship instructor.