Donor Recognition

The University of Dubuque depends on the continued assistance of alumni, friends, corporations, and foundations through annual, capital, and deferred gifts. The following societies honor donors for all gifts made during a fiscal year. Please consider becoming a member by making a contribution to the University and an investment in the University's future.

Heritage Society

The Heritage Society recognizes those who have made a provision in their will for bequests, or have arranged a deferred, or planned, gift to benefit the University. Membership is granted when the donor informs the University of their future gift. An annual event is held to honor and induct new members.

Leadership Council:

Gifts of the following amounts each fiscal year qualify donors for the University's Leadership Council. Members of the University, President's, Tower, and Severance societies will be invited to special events each year.

University Society $25,000 +

The University Society recognizes the highest level of annual financial support for the University. Gifts of $25,000 or more have a significant impact on the entire campus. Members of the University Society help shape the future of the University.

President's Society $10,000 - $24,999

Just as the President provides leadership for the University, members of the President's Society lead with their financial resources. Members of the President's Society help make the President's institutional vision a reality through their support.

Tower Society $5,000 - $9,999

The Laube Bell Tower on campus is named to honor the life and work of Dr. William C. Laube. As a professor, he dedicated his life to improving the quality of instruction for students. Members of the Tower Society help continue that tradition through their contributions to the University.

Severance Society $1,000 - $4,999

Mr. H.L. Severance was one of the earliest benefactors of the University. His gift helped construct Severance Hall which now houses the Seminary. Just as Mr. Severance did when he made his gift in 1912, members of the Severance Society give of themselves through their gifts to the University.

McCormick Society $500 - $999

Mrs. Nettie McCormick of Chicago donated funds for the original gymnasium on campus. Just as a gym can help build strong bodies, contributions by members of the McCormick Society help build a strong foundation for the University.

Old Chapel Society $250 - $499

In addition to serving as a chapel for worship services, Old Chapel (Alumni Hall) also is used for lectures, meetings, and art shows. Members of the Old Chapel Society help meet the financial needs of the University with their contributions.

Peters Commons Society $100 - $249

Peters Commons is the center of all student related activities on campus. This facility was made possible through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peters of St. Louis. Gifts by members of the Peters Commons Society form the base upon which all other donor societies are built.

Loyalty Society - $1 - $99, with Consecutive Giving for Five Years or More

The University is built on many traditions perhaps none more imporant than alumni loyalty. Just as singing the Alma Mater evokes memories of student days and feelings of loyalty toward the University of Dubuque, members of the Loyalty Society express their commitment to the University through their consistent annual giving.