Giving Priorities

The University of Dubuque is committed to meeting the higher education needs of all students by providing an affordable and outstanding educational experience. For many students, financial assistance is critical to their ability to pursue their dreams of obtaining a college degree.  To achieve this goal, our students need your support. Through your gift to the Annual Fund, you help us maintain a consistent level of aid for our students. Such assistance helps those with financial hardship and rewards those with great academic promise.

With more time for study and personal development, these students can truly enjoy all that the University of Dubuque has to offer.

The Tradition Begins with…

You:  The University offers the option of establishing a Named Scholarship. In creating such a scholarship you may assist in setting the criteria student selection.  To learn more about starting the tradition of a Named Scholarship contact Melissa Hemesath, Associate Vice President for Advancement at 563.589.3620 or

Faculty and Staff:  The faculty and staff at the University of Dubuque understand the value investing in the University of Dubuque’s Mission and Vision and generously to support a variety of programs on campus. To participate 

Dubuque Community, Corporation and Foundations: Corporation, foundation, and business leaders understand the importance the giving back. Leaders tell us they would prefer to invest in opportunities that have a direct impact on our students and the community.  Therefore many choose to invest in the Annual Fund or the Named Scholarship program.

We invite to experience the joy of giving by making a gift to the Annual Fund or area on campus you are most passionate about!  Invest today.