50 States in 60 Minutes

Monday, December 2, 2019 || 9:45 a.m.

50 States in 60 Minutes

Performed by Greatworks Theatre Company of Chicago

Recommended Grades: 3-8

Hold on to your hats for a breakneck tour of 500 years of American history in this fast, funny, and informative tour de farce! In one high-energy hour, students come face-to-face with Columbus, the Pilgrims, the Salem "witches" (and their 1950s HUAC counterparts), George Washington, the Boston Tea Partiers, the framers of the Constitution, the Missouri Compromisers, Levi Strauss and his Blue Jeans, and the Gettysburg Address - and that's just in the first 35 minutes!  Add in Thomas Edison, the invention of movies, WW I and II, The Great Depression, FDR, the Cold War, the Civil Rights movement, the Women’s Rights movement, hippies, Watergate, Reagan and Gorbachev, and the invention of the internet, and you have a fun - but still useful - overview of the greatest social experiment in world history.

Curriculum Connections: History

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