LIFE Transfer Students

Transfer students are an important part of our LIFE program. Over 90% of LIFE students have attended at least one other institution before enrolling in LIFE. This adds to the diversity of the classroom experience where adult students draw up on their own backgrounds and experience for classroom discussions. Our UD staff will assist with the transfer of credit for the coursework you have already completed and design a plan to guide you toward graduation.

The LIFE program is part of the greater university, a Christian university, offering undergraduate majors in accounting, business, criminal justice, health care administration, human resource management, and marketing. Graduate programs are also available in business administration (MBA) and communication management (MMCM). Students enjoy learning in a face-to-face classroom, with small class sizes averaging less than 14 students consisting of working adults like yourself. Dynamic classroom engagement facilitated by experts in the field makes your learning experience applicable to your life.

Let us help you determine if the University of Dubuque LIFE program is right for you to complete your degree.

Transferology (650x75 px)

Transferology is designed to help students determine where the courses they've taken (or plan to take) will transfer to. Simply add classes from anywhere you attended (or plan to attend), and then see which Transferology participating schools will accept the credit. Save time and money with Transferology's quick, intuitive way of getting your college transfer credit questions answered.