LIFE Academics

LIFE Undergraduate Degree

The LIFE program offers the courses required for a complete undergraduate degree, including the general education requirements, electives and courses in the student's desired major. The program also helps students who may have started coursework elsewhere, but did not complete a degree. Regardless of how many credits acquired, students are able to finish their degree with other students who are also trying to balance work, family and college obligations. The LIFE program offers undergraduate degrees and the majors available include:

  • Business Administration (Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA)  Program Overview
         ○  Accounting
         ○  Business
         ○  Human Resource Management
         ○  Marketing
  • Health Care Administration (Bachelor of Science, BS)  Program Overview
  • Criminal Justice (Bachelor of Arts, BA)  Program Overview

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LIFE Graduate Degree

In addition to the undergraduate degrees the LIFE Program offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. This 12 course program is also delivered in a 5-week course, face-to-face format. This format allows the student to take one course at a time, focusing on that topic for five weeks. With only 12 courses required and nine sessions in an academic year, the MBA can be completed in as little as 16 months. For students who may have started their graduate degree elsewhere, they may be eligible to transfer in up to 12 credits of equivalent graduate coursework. 
Program Overview: LIFE Program MBA

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