Spartans of UD: Margo Ketels

Apr 18, 2018 | University Relations staff

Spartans of UD highlights what makes University of Dubuque special – the people who live, work, and study on campus. Margo Ketels is the director of campus stores. She oversees Babka Bookstore, Mike & Betty’s Ice Cream Shoppe, Sparty’s Convenience Store, and Sylvia’s Common Ground. Ketels has been a UD Spartan since 2007.

Spartans of UD: Margo Ketels
Director of Campus Stores 

1. Why did you decide to become a UD Spartan?

My husband and I decided to move from the Des Moines area to Dyersville, Iowa. We moved for his career. I found out about the opening at the University of Dubuque by a college bookstore contact. More than anything, I was up for a huge challenge. Starting with a fairly bare store posed a huge challenge.”

2. What do you enjoy most about your role as director of campus stores?

“There are a couple of things I really enjoy about my role on campus. First, being busy with different responsibilities. Second, all the wonderful students I have met through the years.”

3. Undergraduate and graduate students can begin picking up their commencement apparel the week of April 30 in the lower level of Babka Bookstore. What advice do you have for those students?

“My advice to students graduating is to come in when it’s most convenient for them. If something doesn’t fit just right, come and see me sooner rather than waiting until the last minute. That way we can resolve the fitting issue before graduation day. My other piece of advice for students who are graduating is to enjoy their day. They have earned it!”

4. What qualities do you look for in students who want to work in the various stores on campus?

“We look for students who are really interested in working. The students we hire usually end up being individuals who are involved in many on-campus groups, organizations, and sports.”

5. What are the most popular items at Babka Bookstore, Mike & Betty’s Ice Cream Shoppe, and Sylvia’s Common Ground?

“It’s difficult to pick just one item in Babka Bookstore. The store’s awesome. Come visit!

“Mike and Betty’s has 16 hard scoop flavors. A couple of the most popular flavors are Superman, Java Chuck, and White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. We just got some brand new flavors that are worth checking out!

“Sylvia’s popular drinks depend on the weather. When warm weather hits, our iced coffee and smoothies are a real hit!”