Spartans of UD: Mick Miyamoto

Oct 11, 2017 | University Relations staff

Spartans of UD is a new feature that highlights what makes University of Dubuque special – the people who live, work, and study on campus. Michael “Mick” Miyamoto, PhD, is the vice president and dean of student life. He is in his ninth year working as a Spartan.

Mick Miyamoto - Spartans of UD
Vice President and Dean of Student Life

1. Why did you decide to become a UD Spartan?

“It really was a calling of sorts. I was well-established at larger, comprehensive state school in Wisconsin but became intrigued with the diversity in the student body that UD had achieved. It’s a remarkable institution and I wanted to be the part of its mission.”

2. What do you enjoy most about your role as vice president and dean of student life?

“Without a doubt it is the interaction with the students. The advantage of being a vice president/dean of student life at a school our size is that one does not lose touch with the students.”

3. What should students know about the Student Life Department?

“That 100 percent of our staff care in a profound way about your success and work each and every day to advocate on your behalf.”

4. You are one of the many faces of I’m A Dubuquer, a community campaign led by Inclusive Dubuque. Why was it important for you to participate in the campaign?

“Since arriving here I’ve learned that Dubuque, like many or most communities its size, has had challenges with racial and social injustice. It’s wonderful to see the genuine commitments by folks from all different facets of the community to make this a more equitable environment. As it has been said, ‘It’s better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness,’ so I’m more than happy to do any little part that I can.”

5. You have coached football at University of Wisconsin-Madison, UW-River Falls, UW-La Crosse, and UD. In 2016, you were inducted into the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame. How did it feel to be recognized for your coaching career in football?

“Humbled beyond belief. I was blessed throughout my career as a player in high school and college as well as every stop of my coaching path to play for and work with Hall of Fame coaches. I also owe so very much to our current head football coach, Stan Zweifel. He’s an amazing educator and has transformed the culture of this program in so many incredible ways.”

6. Do you have a favorite quote or saying?

“I have many. The latest one on my e-mail signature is: ‘Be ashamed to die until you’ve scored some victory for humanity.’ – Horace Mann.”