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Dr. Brian Walsh is a Christian Reformed Campus minister at the University of Toronto, where he pastors the Wine Before Breakfast community, and leads a staff team in campus ministry. He was Senior Member in Worldview Studies at the Institute for Christian Studies (1988-96), has taught in the Creation Care Studies Program in Belize and New Zealand, and currently serves as Adjunct Professor of Theology of Culture at both Wycliffe and Trinity Colleges within the Toronto School of Theology.


Dr. Walsh writes and teaches at the interface of biblical theology and contemporary culture. His work is decidedly interdisciplinary in scope ranging across the disciplines of biblical studies, theology, philosophy, social science and cultural analysis. Within the framework of a contextual biblical theology, his work has led him to address such themes as the nature of worldviews, postmodernity, empire, home and homelessness, liturgy, contemporary music. Dr. Walsh lives on a solar-powered organic farm with his wife, Sylvia Keesmaat, where he is still trying to grow a potato crop as good as his garlic.

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