New Wendt Character Scholars Application

For Prospective Students and Current UD Students Not Currently in the Wendt Scholars Program


Applications open on December 1 and close on January 31.

To apply to become a Wendt Character Scholar, complete this application (including essay question responses) as fully and accurately as possible and click the "Submit" button at the bottom.

Application materials must be submitted and received by the Wendt Center for Character Education by the January 31 deadline, along with two recommendations. Recommendation Forms must be filled out via the online form by two non-family members, including at least one teacher. Current UD student applicants must have at least one recommender who is a UD faculty member. Only complete applications will be reviewed by the Selection Committee.

Please note: To be considered for the Wendt Character Scholars program, you must enroll as an undergraduate or seminary full-time student at the University of Dubuque and commit to participate for the entire year in which you are applying for admittance into the program.

If you have any questions, please contact the Wendt Center for Character Education at 563.589.3440.

Tell Us About Yourself

1. I am Enrolled as or Applying to be a:


2. I am a Transfer Student:


3. My Current Education Status is:


4. Next Fall, I will be a:


5. Next school year I will be a:


6. Name:


7. Permanent Home Address:


8. Local UD/Dubuque Address:


9. Phone Numbers:

     Preferred Number:  

10. E-mail:


11. Wendt Scholarship notifications will be sent out in March, in hard copy and via e-mail. Please indicate the mailing address and the e-mail address where you wish to receive your notifications.


12. Date of Birth:


13. Gender:


14. Country of Citizenship:


15. What is your first language:


16. Religious Affiliation:


17. Do you consider yourself to be Hispanic/Latino?:


18. Select one or more of the following racial categories to describe yourself:

In the following sections, please provide any examples of your experience with or leadership in these various areas.

Academic Honors

Briefly describe any scholastic distinctions or honors you have earned (if you are a current student, be sure to include any from UD/UDTS).

Co-Curricular and Personal Activities

List activities and interests you participate in (with years of participation) and include any honors, awards, or distinctions you have received in these area during the last five years.

If any of these do not apply, type "N/A" or "Not Applicable" in the appropriate field.

Athletics, Recreation, Wellness

Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Speech

Clubs, Organizations

Hobbies and Other Interests


Discuss your participation in and beliefs about community service, church work, and volunteer work (with time frames for participation).

Work/Professional/Vocational Experience or Pursuits

List your professional/vocational/experience or pursuits (with years of participation) and include any honors, awards, or distinctions you have received in these areas. If you were not able to participate in academic, extra-curricular, service, or work pursuits, how did you fill your time?


(We recommend you first write your essay question responses in a separate Microsoft Word document and save, then paste the text into the space provided at the end of the this application. NOTE: The responses to the four essay questions should total 2-3 pages in length, altogether.)

Respond to each question in the corresponding space below:

a. Why do you wish to become a Wendt Character Scholar?

b. We are looking to develop campus character leaders. Explain how you can be a person who could model excellent character and speak up and speak out when necessary to promote good character. Provide examples of activities or responsibilities in your answer.

c. Participation in the Wendt Character Scholarship program is an extra commitment to go above and beyond the usual commitments of the average college student. What does time management mean to you? Provide examples of virtues or skills it takes to accomplish multiple responsibilities.

d. Assess your contributions to your family and friends in your day-to-day conduct. How do virtues such as integrity, justice, and compassion inform your conduct?

Please list below the names and e-mail address of each person providing a recommendation.

Have you ever incurred disciplinary action or have you been suspended, placed on probation, dismissed, or separated from school?


Have you ever been arrested or convicted of any criminal violation?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, please send a separate letter of explanation to

By clicking submit, you are indicating that all information in this application is complete, factually correct, and honestly presented. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your submitted information shortly.