CIS Overview

Computer skills are in great demand in today's job market. In order to prepare students for these opportunities, the University of Dubuque offers a variety of programs. These programs stress skill development in the technical areas of Web development, computer programming, database management, networking, operating systems, information security, systems analysis and design, and project management.


In addition, students gain an understanding of the role of information technology in businesses and other organizations, and how to deploy information technology to increase efficiency, increase effectiveness, and gain a competitive advantage. These programs are based on recommendations from business community leaders and provide students with an up-to-date and well-rounded curriculum.

There is an aggressive internship program in partnership with the business community. A student’s education is further enhanced by opportunities to attend professional and student-based conferences, and to participate in a computer club.

The rise in computer viruses, identity theft, and unethical hacking has made us painfully aware of the need for protecting ourselves and our systems. These unfortunate misuses of technology give us reason to prioritize the development of character within our students and to teach them to be responsible and accountable.

The Programs

There are four Computer Science programs. All of them include a core of computer courses that provide students with a broad foundation.

BBA/Computer Information Systems (BBA/CIS)
The BBA/CIS program provides students with enough business classes to earn a Business minor.

BS/Computer Information Technology (BS/CIT)
The BS/ CIT program includes extra coursework in the information security and networking areas. It also includes some business classes and higher-level math.

BS/Computer Information Systems (BS/CIS)
The BS/CIS program focuses less on business classes and more on higher-level math. This major includes fewer credits so it makes a good double major for students pursuing other credit-heavy majors.

BS/Digital Forensics (BS/DF)
The BS/DF program combines computer courses with courses from the Criminal Justice department. Graduates from this program would use computers to help solve crimes