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THE STAT CREW SYSTEM Dubuque Game-by-Game Highs (as of Feb 21, 2019) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at Millikin 11/08/18 71-76 L 16-McDaniel, Mar 11-Butler, Avery 6-McDaniel, Mar 2-McDaniel, Mar 1-Barker, Jason Wlliams, Mich Ragen, Peter GREENVILLE 11/10/18 110-102 W 39-Butler, Avery 13-Butler, Avery 9-Newsome, Deon 3-Barker, Jason 3-Butler, Avery EDGEWOOD 11/14/18 82-66 W 16-McDaniel, Mar 5-Newsome, Deon 4-McDaniel, Mar 2-Wlliams, Mich None vs Olivet 11/16/18 77-84 L 16-Newsome, Deon 8-Wlliams, Mich 6-Newsome, Deon 2-Ragen, Peter 2-Wlliams, Mich Daugherty, Ca vs St. Scholastica 11/17/18 86-75 W 24-McDaniel, Mar 10-Wlliams, Mich 4-Burger, Mitch 2-Burger, Mitch 3-Wlliams, Mich LORAS 11/28/18 78-73 W 20-McDaniel, Mar 9-Barker, Jason 3-Burger, Mitch 2-Butler, Avery 3-Wlliams, Mich NEB. WESLEYAN 12/01/18 78-92 L 32-McDaniel, Mar 7-Butler, Avery 5-Newsome, Deon 2-Thompson, Hen 1-Butler, Avery Wlliams, Mich McDaniel, Mar Ragen, Peter at Luther College 12/5/18 78-77 W 17-Ragen, Peter 15-Wlliams, Mich 2-Newsome, Deon None 2-Wlliams, Mich McDaniel, Mar Ragen, Peter McDaniel, Mar vs Rockford 12/18/18 87-72 W 20-Wlliams, Mich 11-Butler, Avery 4-Butler, Avery 2-Wlliams, Mich 1-Wlliams, Mich Newsome, Deon McDaniel, Mar vs Marian -Men 12/19/18 78-59 W 15-McDaniel, Mar 8-Barker, Jason 3-Burger, Mitch 2-McDaniel, Mar 1-Butler, Avery Evans, Josh Ragen, Peter Wlliams, Mich CLARKE 12/28/18 84-78 W 21-Ragen, Peter 10-Wlliams, Mich 3-Newsome, Deon 2-Evans, Josh 2-Butler, Avery McDaniel, Mar at Iowa Wesleyan 12/29/18 80-63 W 16-Wlliams, Mich 6-Wlliams, Mich 4-Newsome, Deon 5-McDaniel, Mar 1-McDaniel, Mar McDaniel, Mar Barker, Jason at Central 1/2/19 93-74 W 26-McDaniel, Mar 7-Wlliams, Mich 3-Butler, Avery 3-Wlliams, Mich 1-Evans, Josh Wlliams, Mich Wlliams, Mich SIMPSON 01/05/19 71-86 L 19-Butler, Avery 9-Wlliams, Mich 3-Wlliams, Mich 1-Wlliams, Mich 2-Butler, Avery McDaniel, Mar Ragen, Peter at Coe College 1/9/19 70-86 L 13-McDaniel, Mar 5-Evans, Josh 4-McDaniel, Mar 3-McDaniel, Mar 1-Barker, Jason BUENA VISTA 01/12/19 55-52 W 20-McDaniel, Mar 8-Hundley, Dyla 2-Evans, Josh 4-McDaniel, Mar 1-Barker, Jason Barker, Jason McDaniel, Mar Newsome, Deon at Wartburg 01/19/19 65-82 L 26-McDaniel, Mar 6-Wlliams, Mich 2-McDaniel, Mar 3-Evans, Josh 1-Beckert, Davo Wlliams, Mich Ragen, Peter Newsome, Deon at Neb. Wesleyan 01/21/19 54-69 L 17-Ragen, Peter 9-Butler, Avery 4-Newsome, Deon 1-Butler, Avery 3-Barker, Jason Burger, Mitch Evans, Josh Wlliams, Mich McDaniel, Mar Newsome, Deon LUTHER COLLEGE 01/23/19 87-97 L 18-Burger, Mitch 9-Butler, Avery 3-McDaniel, Mar 2-Burger, Mitch 1-Wlliams, Mich Hundley, Dyla Barker, Jason Burger, Mitch Butler, Avery at Simpson 01/26/19 62-75 L 21-McDaniel, Mar 9-Wlliams, Mich 3-Newsome, Deon 3-Evans, Josh 1-Butler, Avery Newsome, Deon at Loras 01/30/19 96-94 WO 28-Newsome, Deon 8-Butler, Avery 4-McDaniel, Mar 2-McDaniel, Mar 4-Butler, Avery Butler, Avery Newsome, Deon Newsome, Deon Burger, Mitch Hundley, Dyla CENTRAL 02/02/19 75-72 W 25-McDaniel, Mar 7-Ragen, Peter 4-McDaniel, Mar 4-McDaniel, Mar 2-Butler, Avery COE COLLEGE 02/06/19 64-74 L 17-Wlliams, Mich 16-Wlliams, Mich 7-McDaniel, Mar 3-Wlliams, Mich None
THE STAT CREW SYSTEM Dubuque Game-by-Game Highs (as of Feb 21, 2019) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at Buena Vista 2/9/19 61-83 L 22-Wlliams, Mich 16-Wlliams, Mich 5-Newsome, Deon 2-Hundley, Dyla 1-McDaniel, Mar Ragen, Peter WARTBURG 02/16/19 61-71 L 13-McDaniel, Mar 6-Butler, Avery 3-McDaniel, Mar 3-Burger, Mitch 4-Butler, Avery Newsome, Deon Wlliams, Mich at Wartburg 02/19/19 83-80 W 13-Newsome, Deon 6-Evans, Josh 3-Evans, Josh 1-Newsome, Deon 3-Butler, Avery Ragen, Peter McDaniel, Mar Ragen, Peter Butler, Avery Evans, Josh Wlliams, Mich Butler, Avery at Loras 02/21/19 78-93 L 16-Wlliams, Mich 11-Butler, Avery 6-Newsome, Deon 1-Thompson, Hen 2-McDaniel, Mar Evans, Josh