University of Dubuque


Student FAQs

How do I find out who is attending the fair?

Please refer to the registration listing. This will be updated regularly as representatives register for the event. You can also come to the fair and review the informational booklet.


What should I do to prepare?

Review the Career Service preparation information, we will also be glad to forward to you via an email request.  


What should I wear?

Review the dress for success information on the Career Service website, we will also be glad to forward to you via an email request.   


Why don't more employers and graduate & professional school programs from the Midwest attend?

Budgets may be a deciding factor as we have invited over 500 employers and graduate & professional school representatives to the fair, within the following states: Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.  Travel expenses can be costly for employers and their representatives.


What if there aren't any graduate programs, internships or employment that interest me?

How do you know? If there are programs, internships or employment in your discipline or closely related disciplines, why not talk to the representatives and learn more before assuming you aren't interested in the program? You may be surprised!


Why aren't there any programs, internships or employment within my discipline represented?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee every academic and/or professional discipline will be represented. We invite a wide range of representatives within disciplines in hopes of attaining as much variety as possible.


Where can I get more information about graduate & professional school programs in the U.S., as well as test preparation information?

The Career Services website offers this information, review the list of resources.  We would also be glad to forward to you via an email link upon request.