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Participating in campus activities is an important part of college life at the University of Dubuque. The activities and events planned by the various clubs and organizations supplement your academic life with valuable experience, fun and friendship. Out-of-classroom programs provide opportunities for vocational growth, leadership training, community service and personal development. The people who get involved in student activities are people like you, so GET INVOLVED! New to campus? Want to learn more about an organization? Tell us which student organizations you're interested in here to receive information from their leadership teams!


Student Organizations


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  • Accounting Club ~ Accounting Club promotes, educates, and encourages Accounting students to network while at UD through group tours, speakers, study sessions, a better understanding of the CPA exam, and various other activities

Co-Presidents: Carter Albrecht and Anna Rechtenbach
Co-Presidents Elect: Jonathon Hazelwonder and Cassandra Berger
Vice President: Ally Machala
Vice President Elect: Andrew Triantos
Secretary: Josh Beckley
Treasurer: Molly Huff
Advisor: Dennis George
Number of members: 8

Accounting Club Constitution

  • Alpha Eta Rho ~ Aviation Fraternity serves to help students network in the aviation industry, meet new and professional people, develop leadership and communication skills, and learn to work together to further the cause of aviation in the Dubuque community

President: Marc Santos
Vice President: Ryan Gross
Secretary: Brenda Nava
Treasurer: Adam Yakich
SGA Rep: Zach Fehr
Photographer/Media: Sydney Kelling
Advisor: Chaminda Prelis
Number of members: 25

Alpha Eta Rho Constitution

  • Computer Club~ For all students interested in how technology and computers work

President: Evan Smith
Vice President: Kevin Hamilton
Secretary: Caleb Chincoya
Advisor: Phil Polstra
Number of members: 10

Computer Club Constitution

  • Flight Team ~ Increases interest and knowledge of aviation through competition

President: Jared Dichter
Vice President: Jeremiah Ziebert
Secretary: Nicholas Seefeldt
Advisors: Mike Glynn and Glenn Wear
Number of members: 16

Flight Team Constitution

President: Mike Braden
Vice President: Lauren Clausen
Secretary: Jamie Strobel
Treasurer: Nikki McKenzie
Advisor: Kevin Cattani
Number of members: 50

Health and Wellness Club Constitution

  • Interactive Media Group ~ helps to prepare the future of UD students who wish to get into the video game industry as well as provide a fun safe environment for anyone at school to come and play games together

President: William Burdick
Vice President: Alex Paulsen
Secretary: Coltin Haning
Treasurer: Conner Hirt
Advisor: Alan Garfield
Number of members: 25

Interactive Media Group IMG Constitution

  • Justice League ~ An inclusive organization meant to assist students achieve and advance in the field of Criminal Justice 

President: Vincent Obah
Vice President: Raquel Reid
Secretary: Ciarra Ardson
Treasurer: Aaron Donath
Advisor: Ben Bartels
Number of members: 32

Justice League Constitution

  • Mediation Team ~ Gives students a real life experience as a mediator,attorney,and client in disputes

Vice President:
Number of members: 10

Mediation Team Constitution‌

  • Psychology Club ~ Promotes mental health awareness to students and the community

President: Amy Steve
Vice President: Larissa Shebroe
Advisors: Henry Grubb
Number of members: 10

Psychology Club Constitution

President: Dan Orendorff
Vice President: Lauren Allen
Secretary: Tom Ylvisaker
Treasurer: Michelle Finnegan
Advisor: Lauren Alleyne
Number of members: 18

Sigma Tau Delta Constitution

  • Enactus ~ An International/National organization helping students network with the business world  by giving back to their community.

Vice President: 
Number of members:  

Students in Free Enterprise Constitution

President: Samantha Meiners
Vice President: Courtney Fisk
Secretary: Brittany Stombaugh
Treasurer: Carleigh Runk
Advisor: Carol Chesterman
Number of members: 80

Nursing Association Constitution

President: Alison Kelley
Vice President: Dylan Bane
Secretary: Kelsie Davis
Public Relations: Jacob Hesselman
Extra Help: Jacob Robertson
Advisor: Katie Boyer
Number of members: 17

Teacher Education Student Organization Constitution

  • Web of Life ~ Promotes environmental awareness and provides community service opportunities

President: Kayla Olson
Vice President: Victoria Foraker
Secretary: Chelsie Cruise
Advisor: Adam Hoffman
Number of members: 80

Web of Life Constitution

  • Women in Aviation ~ Chapter of Women in Aviation International. A coed organization that promotes the role of women in aviation. We throw aviation related events and visit places of interest, as well as, having scholarship opportunities through the WAI organization.

President: Nick Strub
Vice President: Brandon Williamson 
Secretary: Nathaniel Bloodsaw
Membership Director: Melissa Feliz
Advisor: Polly Kadolph
Number of members: 19

Women in Aviation Constitution

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  • Alpha Psi Omega ~ Honor those students on a national level who have shown dedication to the theatre department and drama club

President: Tyler Robey
Advisor: Amy Ressler
Number of members: 7

Alpha Psi Omega Constitution

  • The Belltower ~ Student newspaper that educates, entertains, and allows students to voice opinions and concerns

President: Becca Kuhle
Vice President: Laura Roberts
Advisors: Jessica Schreyer and Sheila Sabers
Number of members: 20

Belltower Constitution

  • Creative Agenda ~ Preserves and pursuits the individuality of our members’ unique artistic approach through all mediums of art

President: Aric Nation
Vice President: Samantha Serd
Secretary: Charles Northrup
Advisor: Brian Hallstoos
Number of members: 15

Creative Agenda Constitution

  • Drama Club ~ Co-curricular group that supports the academic theatre program by producing shows, assisting with the mission of the FPA department.

President: Tyler Robey
Vice Presidents: Kayla Hamilton
Secretary: Lily Mckinley
Treasurer: Gwen Beatty
Stage Work VP: David Manske
Recruiting VP: Devin Lantagne
Advisor: Amy Ressler
Number of members:80

UD Drama Club Constitution

  • Gospel Choir ~ Promotes opportunities for learning and service through song and fellowship 

President: Ashley Cooper
Vice President: Adrianna Johnson
Secretary: Lashaila Thomas
Treasurer: Kimberly Cheatham
Advisor: Bridgette Boone
Number of members: 15

Gospel Choir Constitution

  • University of Dubuque Instrumental Ensemble ~ Provides students at the University of Dubuque opportunities for participation and study in music, theatre, dance, and art as distinct, yet interdisciplinary areas, of the fine and performing arts.

President: Tiffiney Kavars
Vice President: Carter Albrecht
Secretary: Charles Northrop
Treasurer: Noah Kachelski
Advisor: Victoria Molle
Number of members: 5

Instrumental Ensemble Constitution

  • University of Dubuque Concert Choir ~ Provides vocal music from a variety of genres for the campus and community 

President: Brett Aspensen
Vice President: Lucas VanNorman
Secretary: Carter Albrecht
Treasurer: Anna Rechtenbach
Advisor: Charles Barland
Number of members: 40

University Choir Constitution

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  • Athenaeans ~ Fraternity of men who unite with one another to encourage greater brotherhood, insure personal development, promote liberal social opportunities, and cause greater service to our fellow students.

President: Jakob Jepson
Vice President: Cody Shipp
Secretary: Myles Smith
Treasurer: Alex Jameison
Advisor: Shane Besler
Number of members: 15

Athenaen Constitution

  • Mu Sigma Beta ~ Fraternity founded on April 20, 1939 built under a formation of brotherhood, unity, creativity, scholarship and school spirit.

President: Jonas Steinborn
Vice President: Brandt Kuntze
Secretary: Eric Frank
Advisor: Casey Arsendorf
Number of members: 9

Mu Sigma Beta Constitution

President/Treasurer: Jeffrey Moise
Vice President/Secretary: Dishon Deering
Advisor: Dr. Ricardo Cunningham
Number of members: 3

Omega Psi Phi Constitution

  • Phi Beta Sigma ~  fraternity of men dedicating ourselves to service in the community.  Our main focus is to bring various activities to the University of Dubuque

President: Verly Tima
Vice President: Dejuan Fuller
Secretary: Kyle Williams
Treasurer: Javontae Davis
Number of members: 7 

Phi Beta Sigma Constitution

  • The Thirteeners ~ A fraternity that strives in brotherhood and campus tradition. We encourage our brothers to be involved in and out of the classroom

President: Tyler Hutchinson
Vice-President: Jarett Svihlik
Secretary: Matthew Snyder
Treasurer: Joshua Lewis
Advisor: Jose Reinoso
Number of members: 6

The Thirteeners Constitution



  • Delta Phi Sigma ~ The object of the Delta Phi Sigma sorority shall be to band its members together into closer social relationships and to promote a higher standard or scholarship at the University of Dubuque

President: Lauren Mahun
Vice Presidet: Angelina Edwards 
Secretary: Randi Bodish
Treasurer: Brenda Breimon
Number of members: 10

Delta Phi Sigma Constitution

  • Gamma Phi Delta ~ The aim of Gamma Phi Delta shall be to establish among its members a perpetual bond of friendship, to develop a strong and womanly character, to broaden the moral and intellectual life, and to assist its members in every possible way.

President: Judy Borah
Vice President: Caitlin Efstathiou
Secretary: Leah Anderson
Treasurer: Ashley Moore
Historian/Public Relations: Alysia Prepelica
Chaplin: Allie Boeck
Advisor: Barb Smeltzer and Clarissa Ferguson
Number of members: 10

President: Raelle Heister
Vice President: Kylee Krambeer
Secretary: Tess Vanella
Alumnae Secretary: Carmen Turnbough
Advisor: Susie Scott and Lisa Kragenbrink
Number of members: 16

Lambda Tau Delta Constitution

President: Shaniece Ruiz
Vice President: Kayla Parcell
Secretary: Catalina Herrera
Treasurer: Sarai Orozco
Advisor: Maria-Victoria Perez-Fisher & Lynn Triervieler 
Number of members: 15

Sigma Lambda Gamma Constitution

  • Zeta Phi ~ We are a social sorority who believe in sisterhood bond and strive to better our community and high standards for our school and academics.

President/Treasurer: Larissa Shebroe
Vice President: Lauren Allen
Secretary: Katelynn Jolivetter
Advisor: Phil Baskerville
Number of members: 3

Zeta Phi Constitution



President: Tyler Robey
Co-Vice Presidents: Edward Webster III and Abby Owens
Secretary: Ally Machala
Treasurer: Anna Rechtenbach
Advisor: James Sizer
Number of Members: 27

Phi Theta Psi Constitution

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  • Greek Council ~ Represents Greek Life as the unified governing body

President: Katelyn Jolivette
Vice Presidents: Kylee Krambeer and Judy Borah
Secretary: Carmen Turnbough
Treasurer: Brandt Kuntze
Parliamentarian: Christy Fribourg
Number of members: 100

Greek Council Constitution

  • Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) ~ A national organization that the NCAA governs for Student Athletes at UD.

President: Katelyn Herbig
Vice President: Tyler Ware
Secretary: Nicole Fein
Treasurer: Troy Krueger
Advisors: April Elsbernd and Lindsay Feig
Number of members: 7

Student Athlete Advisory Committee Constitution

President: Larissa Shebroe
Vice President: Nick Strub
Secretary: Ashley Stackis
Treasurer: Ian Hartstack
Advisors: Marta Abele, Mick Miyamoto, and Melissa Griffith-Phelps
Number of members: 20

Student Government Association Constitution

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  • Asian Student Union (ASU) ~ Provides a network of support and fellowship while celebrating all Asian Students' cultural heritage

President: Hung-Yang Kuo
Vice President: Jiao Jiao
Secretary: Ying-Chu Chen
Treasurer: Yujun Zhang
Spokesperson: Jingru Niu
Advisor: Phyllis Garfield and Brett Schieve
Number of members: 32

Asian Student Union Constitution

President: Nakia Greyer
Vice President: Ekemini Rowe
Secretary: Caitlin Daniels
Treasurer: Shannon Miller
Marketing Director: Ranita Anderson
Volunteer Coordinator: Nyashadzashe Makayi
Advisors: Mishereen Ellis and Franklin Yartey
Number of members: 16

Black Student Union BSU Constitution

  • International Friendship Club (IFC) ~ Facilitates friendship and mingling of international and non-international students and helps make the UD community more globally aware and more hospitable to the international community

President: Samantha Serd
Vice President: Cassie Sheehan
Secretary: Stephanie LoCasto
Treasurer: Owen Woodland
Advisor: Phyllis Garfield
Number of members: 24

International Friendship Club Constitution

  • International Student Union ~ Provides an innovative and fun way to share international cultures with the University of Dubuque campus through its students

President: Joshua Meunier
Vice President: Kayla Starnes
Secretary: Tahir Mahmudov
Advisor: Phyllis Garfield 
Number of members: 17

International Student Union Constitution

  • PROUD ~ PROUD is a place for UD students to meet and talk about issues relating to sexual orientation. We promote education, communication, and moving from mere tolerance to acceptance of all students (at UD and beyond) regardless of sexual orientation.

President: Nicole Cruz
Vice President: Keely Webb
Treasurer: Dionna Atwood
Advisor: Dominick Cinefro-Prelis
Number of members: 8

PROUD Constitution

  • Sister to Sister ~ promotes unity and friendship amongst college women, joining hand in hand to help alleviate problems concerning women and their well-being

President: Jamyia Catchings
Vice President: Leigha Hodge
Treasurer: Tiesha Starks
Advisor: Kayla Springer
Promoter: Christina Robinson
Coordinator: Deondria Carruthers
Advisors: Mishereen Ellis and Phyllis Garfield
Number of members: 15

Sister to Sister Constitution

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  • Catholic Spartans ~ Catholic student organization focused on community, discipleship, and the Bible 

Vice President:
Number of members:

Catholic Spartans Constitution

  • Christian Leadership Council~ unifying agent amongst Christian students and the various Christian groups functioning on campus, which then provides an organized framework for leadership and our common efforts

President: Brett Aspenson
Vice President: Katelyn Jolivette
Secretary/Treasurer: Carter Albrecht
Advisor: Jim Gunn
Number of members: 33

Christian Leadership Council Constitution

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) ~ Fun, fellowship, and discussion about being a Christian and an athlete on campus

President: Caleb Vogel
Vice President: Zach Moratta
Secretary/Treasurer: Jake Ricketts
Advisor: Mike Schmidt and Jon McGovern
Number of members: 27

Fellowship of Christian Athletes FCA Constitution

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  • Civil Discourse Cafe ~Weekly meeting in which students with staff and faculty talks about a host of various topics, mostly controversial, in a 'civil' manner.

President: Megan Plein
Vice President: Cassie Sheehan
Secretary: Andrew Jarvis
Advisors: Alan Garfield
Number of members: 21

Civil Discourse Cafe Constitution

  • UD Democrats

Vice President:
Number of members:

UD Democrats Constitution

  • UD Republicans 

Vice President:
Number of members:

UD Republicans Constitution

  • Future Young Professionals of Dubuque (FYP) ~ FYP helps students prepare for life after college through panel discussions, networking events, resume blitz, and many more great interactive events.

President: Raquel Reid
Vice President: Catalina Herrera
Advisors: Liza Johnson and Keisha Schroeder
Number of members: 5

Future Young Professionals Constitution

  • UD Movie Club~ Provides movies and the aesthetic appreciation of movies to the UD community.

President: Conner Hirt
Vice President: Alex Paulsen
Advisor: Alan Garfield
Number of members: 5

Movie Club Constitution

  • Photography Club~ Promotes, educates, and encourages students to use photography while here at UD – in critiques, art shows, and in the Articulate.

President: Ethan Hall
Vice President: Dustin Elsbernd
Secretary: Samantha Serd
Treasurer: Colton Haning
Advisor: Alan Garfield
Number of members: 50

Photography Club Constitution

  • School Men's Association ~ For all men to help the community, build strong leadership, become mentors, and build a brotherhood bond

Advisor: Christopher Peterson 
Number of members: 3 

School Men Association Constitution

  • Scrapbooking Club ~ For all students that enjoy the craft of scrapbooking and crafts/projects

President: Stephani Swearingen
Vice President: Ted Muzinga
Secretary: Brandon Williamson
Advisor: Verna Urban
Number of members: 6

Scrapbooking Club Constitution

  • SPARTA ~ Spreads awareness and support to not only the troops that are overseas fighting for our country, but also those students here at UD who have experienced a military lifestyle

President: Nicole Cruz
Vice President: Nick Strub
Secretary: Keely Webb
Advisor: Dan Kammiller
Number of members: 12

SPARTA Constitution

  • Spartan Spirit Team (SST) ~ Promotes and energizes UD spirit on campus

President: Larissa Shebroe
Vice President: Emily Coon
Secretary: Alyssa Hess
Treasurer: Brittany Peterson
Advisor: Jose Escoriza
Number of members: 12 

Spartan Spirit Team Constitution

  • Spartans for Life ~  Group committed to offering the truth about abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. We foster respect for all human life. We believe life is sacred from the moment of conception until natural death - with no exceptions, no compromise, and no apologies. Spartans for Life is dedicated to this fight until abortion is abolished and a respect for the gift of life is restored.

President: Ashley Stackis
Vice President: Heather Lange
Secretary: Kristen Field
Treasurer: Kelsey McCreight
Advisor: Nathan Faries
Number of members: 17

Students for Life Constitution

  • Tabletop Gaming Club (D20) ~ Gathers to engage in various forms of tabletop gaming

President: Charles Roberts 
Vice President: Kevin Hamilton
Secretary: William Burdick 
Treasurer: Aric Nation
Advisor: Alan Garfield
Number of members: 9

Tabletop Gaming (D20) Constitution

President: Maria Mondragon
Vice President: Krista Stork and Annmarie Ulrich
Secretary: Andrew Triantos
Treasurer: Sara Schutte
Number of members: 10

University Program Council Constitution

  • Young Women's Association ~ Assists the growth and leadership skills used by young women on the campus as well as volunteers services and time in the Dubuque community

President: Adrianna Johnson
Vice President: Tiesha Sparks
Secretary: Kimberly Cheatham
Advisor: Becky Canovan
Number of members: 8

Young Women's Association Constitution

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  • Fishing Club ~ Provides an organized structure that fosters camaraderie, sportsmanship, integrity, conservation and development of the skills and knowledge needed to be successful anglers, including adherence to the academic standards of excellence set forth by University of Dubuque

President: Jarett Svihlik
Vice President: Drew DeCap
Secretary: Brian Swalley
Treasurer: Brandon Feldman
Advisor: Vic Popp
Number of members: 15

Fishing Club Constitution

  • Spartan Paintball ~ Provides a recreational and tournament paintball experience for University of Dubuque students

President: Derek Schumacher
Vice President: Ryan Mattingly
Secretary: Evan Smith
Treasurer: Evan Smith
Advisor: Chad Gunnelson
Number of members: 48

Spartan Paintball Constitution

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  • Homecoming Committee ~ Coordinates the vision and direction for Homecoming Week events
  • First-Year Experience Mentors ~ Help to welcome and introduce new students to college and life at UD during New Student Orientation and the Summer Bridge Program

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