This webpage is a resource for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the health professions and for the faculty and staff members who advise these students. This page and the links contained within provide general information that all students considering a career in the health professions will find useful in determining whether or not a specific career is right for them.

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So you want to pursue a career in health care?

Discover what it means to be a healthcare professional and what it takes to get there!

Choosing a major

While it's true that no single major is preferred over others when it comes to acceptance to professional school, some majors, including Biology, Chemistry, and Human Health Sciences, cover most, if not all, prerequisite course requirements for admission to many health professions programs. Students are strongly encouraged to pursue subjects in which they both perform well in and are passionate about. Undergraduate majors are often avenues to Plan B careers should professional school not work out.

Check out these eight pre-health tracks!

Still not sure if a career in healthcare is right for you?

Discover careers based on your interests and skills by visiting the Career Cruising program, accessible through the My Campus Login! Contact the Office of Health Professions Advising for more information on accessing the Career Cruising program.

Reflect on your list of careers provided by the Matchmaker assessment. Gain insight into the suitability of a career based on your responses to the assessments by clicking on the career (or searching the career in the Search bar) and selecting the "Suitable for You?" link.

Additional Resources

Explore a vast array of health care related careers at

Check out the University of Dubuque's Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies page.

Schedule an Appointment

Want to know more? Please contact Kendall Loggins, Health Professions Advisor at or 563.589.3497.

Current students can schedule an appointment by logging in to: If you have a UD email but have never used the program, you will first need to register for an account. You can then view the Health Professions Advisor's availability by selecting the "Advising" schedule from the drop-down menu.

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