Institutional Review Board

Dedicated to the Protection of Human Subjects

The University of Dubuque (UD) Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a faculty committee responsible for protecting human subjects of research, in which those persons are the subject of inquiry (e.g., their beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, social arrangements, physical characteristics or conditions, etc.). This includes research conducted on UD faculty, staff, and students, as well as research conducted by UD faculty, staff, and students on human subjects from or outside of UD. 

The IRB's policies adhere to the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Title 45 Part 46 Protection of Human Subjects (Title 45 CFR, Part 46).

Under those regulations, key requirements for approval include:

  • IRB approval is sought and received before any human subjects are recruited and any data collection takes place;
  • Risks to subjects are minimized and are reasonable in relation to anticipated benefits;
  • There are adequate provisions for the safety of subjects, with special protections for vulnerable subjects;
  • If applicable, there are appropriate procedures for obtaining and documenting voluntary informed consent;
  • There are adequate provisions to protect the privacy of subjects and to maintain the confidentiality of data.

If you are considering a project involving the collection of data from or about human subjects, please follow this checklist:

  1. Watch the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services video on the role of IRB committees. 
  2. Read the Frequently Asked Questions about research projects involving human subjects.
  3. Review the UD IRB Application, Document Templates, and Sample Items, then email with any questions.
  4. Complete your Application and submit via email to

NOTE: The timeframe for review varies depending on the type of review: Full committee review (4-6 weeks), Expedited Review (2-4 weeks), Exempt (1-2 weeks). IRB Committee meeting dates will occur before the 15th of each month during the fall and spring academic semester.