Nursing is the study of the care of patients, including individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations. At the University of Dubuque, your studies will take you into the world of nursing knowledge, theory, and research. In addition, nursing practice derives knowledge from a wide array of other fields and professions, adapting and applying this knowledge as appropriate to professional practice (2021, AACN Essentials). You will leave ready to build a career in a wide variety of roles and across all environments, monitoring and managing all aspects of care.

Making a Difference Through the Study of Nursing
Students and faculty at UD are active in the skills and simulation labs and in patient care settings. Their work contributes to the advancement of quality patient care as they provide direct care in the surrounding region, and they participate in the process of retrieval, appraisal, and synthesis of research evidence in collaboration with other members of the healthcare team to improve patient outcomes. They have developed evidence based practice projects that have shown linkages among practice, research, patient outcomes, and cost containment.

Mission of UD Nursing 
In alignment with the mission of the University of Dubuque and within its perspective of academic inquiry, professional preparation, and Christian tradition and service, the mission of the Nursing Department is:

To educate professional nurses to provide ethical, evidence-based, collaborative care to meet the dynamic needs of diverse individuals and communities.

Nursing Admission -- 2022 Brochure

Degree Distinctive

What is distinctive about a degree in Nursing at the University of Dubuque?

  • The nursing curriculum is based on the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Crossing the Quality Chasm (2001) report, with its focus on ensuring quality health care, and the IOM's Health Professions Education (2003) report, which defined the five core competencies required for all health professionals practicing in the 21st century health care environment:
    • Providing patient-centered care
    • Working in interdisciplinary teams
    • Employing evidence-based practice
    • Applying quality improvement
    • Utilizing informatics
  • Clinical experiences in specialty care are highlighted to meet the demands of employers, while rotations in rural health provide support to under-served populations in the tri-state area.
  • In the senior capstone course, students are paired with a practicing nurse for a 144-hour preceptorship in which they learn how to transition from the student role to the role of the professional nurse.

Career Opportunities

University of Dubuque nursing graduates often move directly into the health care field. Employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 15 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. Growth will occur for a number of reasons, including an increased emphasis on preventive care, growing rates of chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity, and demand for health care services from the baby-boom population as they live longer and more active lives.


The baccalaureate degree in nursing at the University of Dubuque is approved by the Iowa Board of Nursing and is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), 655 K Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202.887.6791. (Include the CCNE logo.)

The University of Dubuque is accredited by Higher Learning Commission, 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, Illinois, 60604, and the State of Iowa Department of Education.

Nursing Faculty/Staff

Kerri ChapmanAssistant Professor of Nursing

Phone: 563.589.3249 Department: Nursing Office: 304D University Science Center

Linda Hanson

Linda HansonAssociate Professor of Nursing

Phone: 563.589.3434 Department: Nursing Office: 304A University Science Center


  • MSN, Allen College
  • MSED, Capella University
  • BS, Allen College

Areas of work:
I have worked for over 40 years in a variety of healthcare settings. I have worked in the areas of medical/surgical nursing, obstetrics, and the emergency department. I also have worked for the last 20 years in academia. I have taught in the Practical Nursing, Associate, and bachelor's nursing programs. For seven years I worked in administration overseeing nine health-related programs.

Research Interest:

My area of interest is in nursing education. Nursing is forever changing, and this requires adjustments to what and how we educate future nurses.

Something personal:

My husband and I are blessed to have two daughters and four beautiful grandchildren. We enjoy spending time with family and exploring northeast Iowa where we hope to retire someday.

Lisa Kragenbrink

Lisa KragenbrinkAssistant Professor of Nursing

Phone: 563.589.3573 Department: Nursing Office: 309B University Science Center


  • MSN, Clarke University
  • BSN, University of Iowa

Areas of work:
I have worked in a variety of medical-surgical areas, transplant surgery, oncology, same-day surgery, and outpatient clinic areas. I also worked as a nursing supervisor and clinical administrator manager along with being a nursing educator. Areas of research interest include active learning strategies in the clinical setting, and I have recently started looking at the role of the nurse in the healthcare of the LGBTQ community.

Something personal:

I love being outside, hiking, biking, canoeing in Canada, and traveling to National Parks. I am a new pet owner of a golden doodle, and I am working on getting him to sit still in a canoe. I enjoy taking pictures and have won some awards, in the past, for pictures I have taken related to healthcare.

Jackie MeyerDepartment Head; Professor of Nursing

Phone: 563.589.3403 Department: Nursing Office: 304D University Science Center


  • PhD, Villanova University
  • MSN, University of Iowa
  • BSN, Clarke University

Areas of work:
I have worked for over 30 years in many different healthcare settings. My clinical practice includes inpatient experience in a rural critical access hospital, as well as in urban obstetric units. I have also worked in a variety of community-based settings including a county public health agency where my practice included service to children, the elderly, and those with brain health issues. I also served as the administrator of a school-based youth services program, and the director of a hospital-based home health and hospice program.

Research Interest:

My areas of research interest are social determinants of health in primary care settings and support for clinical adjunct nursing faculty.

Something personal:

I am blessed to have been married to my husband, Dave, for over 40 years. We have four kids and 4 grandkids. I love to read, play volleyball and golf, listen to live music, spend time with family and spoil those beautiful grandbabies of mine!

Beth Neyen

Beth NeyenAssistant Professor of Nursing; Lab and Simulation Coordinator.

Phone: 563.589.3789 Department: Nursing Office: 309C University Science Center


  • MSN, Clarke University
  • BSN, Clarke University
  • Associate in Nursing, Iowa Methodist

Areas of Work:
I have worked for over 28 years in a variety of settings. I started my career in cardio/pulmonary nursing. I then moved to critical care nursing, floating between ICU and cardiac unit. I have been in a rural setting for over 20 years now and in academia for over 10 years.

Research Interest:

I am interested in clinical and simulation settings. I have researched simulation and hope to get my certification in simulation. I also have studied and am certified in medical/surgical nursing.

Something personal:

I have been married to my husband for 27 years and we have 4 beautiful daughters. I am very committed to my family, community, and church. I keep busy outside of work attending all the sports and fine art events that my children are in. I also volunteer in my community and church.

Holly SinnoAdministrative Assistant in the Nursing Department

Phone: 563.589.3500 Fax: 563.589.3572 Department: Nursing Office: 304 University Science Center


  • BA, Clarke University
Kristine Steinbeck

Kristine SteinbeckAssistant Professor of Nursing

Phone: 563.589.3740 Department: Nursing Office: 309D University Science Center


  • MSN, Walden University
  • BSN, Valparaiso University

Areas of Work:
I have worked in 10 different states in acute adult healthcare settings for over 33 years. My areas of expertise include general medical/surgical and neuroscience and neurosurgery nursing. I currently still work at MercyOne Dubuque Health Care Center. I have worked in academia over the last 11 years.

Academia Interest:

I have a strong interest in debriefing for simulation. Simulation is a strong teaching tool and debriefing in meaningful ways enriches the learning experience. I also enjoy creating diverse teaching tools that include other disciplines across campus.


I have three sons (one in college, and two in high school) that keep me juggling sports and other school activities. I also enjoy adventurous traveling, auctions, antiquing, and coffee shops.

Mary B. Tobin

Mary B. TobinProfessor of Nursing

Phone: 563.589.3239 Fax: 563.589.3572 Department: Nursing Office: 304A University Science Center


  • PhD, University of Iowa
  • MA, University of Iowa
  • BSN, Iowa Wesleyan College