Politics is the study of power, justice, and governance. At the University of Dubuque, your studies will take you into an abundance of ideas that make the world run -- for better and for worse. You will leave ready to build a career in fields like government, law, policymaking, journalism, and academia. 

Making a Difference Through the Study of Politics
Students and faculty at UD are active in the life of the mind as well as in the life of the community. Their work contributes to the advancement of the common good and to careful thinking about what that might be. They have worked on successful political campaigns for state offices, apprenticed with judges, worked at law firms, and published papers in prominent academic journals.

Degree Distinctive

Politics majors explore the meaning of justice, the nature of power, and the mechanics of government. By learning how to connect the oldest questions about our human condition with the latest news and the newest debates, students of politics develop the knowledge and skills they need to take their place as citizens who can work confidently with others to build up their communities.

Politics majors complete a semester-long internship; students have worked on political campaigns with non-profit organizations, and in law firms, among other examples. Majors also write a senior paper focused on their area of interest and tailored to their career plans. For example, students who will be applying to law school may write an in-depth legal brief, while students aiming to work in government might write an extensive public policy analysis.

Career Opportunities

  • Policy Analyst
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Political Consultant
  • Attorney
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Campaign Staffer
  • Community Organizer
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Aid Worker
  • Journalist
  • Civil Servant
  • Elected Official

Philosophy, Politics, and History Faculty/Staff

Christine Darr

Christine DarrDepartment Head for Philosophy, Politics, and History; Associate Professor of Philosophy

Phone: 563.589.3305 Fax: 563.589.3416 Department: Philosophy, Politics, and History Office: 324 Severance Hall


PhD, University of Iowa; BA, Northwestern College.

Brian Hallstoos

Brian HallstoosAssociate Professor of History

Phone: 563.589.3855 Fax: 563.589.3416 Department: Philosophy, Politics, and History Office: 325 Severance Hall


PhD, University of Iowa; MA, Rutgers University; BA, University of Minnesota - Morris.

Adam SmithAssociate Professor of Political Science

Phone: 563.589.3796 Fax: 563.589.3416 Department: Philosophy, Politics, and History Office: 326 Severance Hall


PhD, Brandeis University; MA, Institute for Christian Studies; BA, Olivet Nazarene University.