Campus Ministry


Because of what we believe about God, we know YOU have value and purpose to your life. We are made to be in fellowship with God and with one another, so we strive to nurture a community where people experience all that God offers us in Jesus Christ.

We are called to live out our faith on campus in everything we do. Our faith grows when in vibrant community together, so we invite you to join us for worship and learn how to get involved.


The purpose of Blades Chapel is to facilitate the worship of God, that we may experience God’s presence and be encouraged to take God’s presence to the rest of campus and the world in such a way where others experience the sacred as well.

We should seek God in all that we do, every day, so that we live worship-filled lives. But that is why we intentionally set aside times to gather together for worship. In encountering God, we are encouraged and reminded of who God is, what God is doing in the world, and who we are to be and do.We reflect and inter-weave a variety of practices in our regular worship opportunities on campus: contemporary, black-gospel, global, and innovated traditional elements. 


Chapel is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:00 to 11:20 a.m. in Blades when classes are in session Fall and Spring semesters. During that protected time, there are no regular undergraduate classes scheduled and other activities are suspended so all who wish to attend—students, faculty, staff, and administrators—may be free to do so.

On Mondays, we allow more time to reflect on the spoken Word. Wednesday chapels normally include the sacrament of communion with an emphasis on dwelling in God’s presence. Then on Fridays, the chapel service contains more singing, led by a talented worship team.


Our Sunday worship service is held at 5:30 p.m. in Blades when classes are in session, and we enjoy fellowship over a shared-meal afterward.

The worship is geared naturally first to college students, and secondly to faculty, staff, graduate students, and any of their family members. In this way, we desire to have a “University community” that worships together in a vibrant and joyful fellowship that is infectious. Finally, we invite others from the wider Dubuque community in common witness to God’s work in and through us. To learn more about Impact services, click here.


Several campus-wide worship services are held throughout the year, which helps to demonstrate who we are as a University and shape our culture as a hospitable Christian environment. Your participation helps in having the shared-experience be all the more meaningful!

Opening Convocation in the Fall formally begins the year where we gather for worship recognizing the variety of gifts within our University community. The Advent and Christmas seasons are ushered in with a Service and Tree Lighting Ceremony. From the perspective of Christian hospitality, Spring Convocation celebrates the varied cultures and promotes reconciliation, kicking off Black History Month. In our Convocation for Thanksgiving and Remembrance, we recall the hope in the resurrection and remember our loved ones through our prayers, liturgy, and song. College Baccalaureate seeks God’s blessing as we send graduates to engage the world in service to Christ.


Experiencing community requires getting involved! We want YOU to be known and cared for, and to know and care for others! So join us in the worship opportunities made available to you, AND make sure to introduce yourself.

Plus there are great ways to know God more and to grow in faith, by participating in Bible Studies, joining Fellowship of Christian Athletes or Christian Leadership Council, and attending Retreats or enjoying events sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.