Chlapaty Hall

2021 Chlapaty Hall 900x900

Chlapaty Hall is the newest residence hall at the University of Dubuque having opened in the fall of 2014. Typically, sophomore students occupy this building. The facility incorporates a pod-style design intended to bolster close-knit communities within the building, and on campus. The four-story structure is designed with 11 pods. Each pod includes seven double bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchenette, lounge, and study area. Chlapaty Hall, situated near the new Veterans Memorial Training Center, is very proximate to athletic and recreation facilities, and just a short walk from the heart of campus.

Environmentally-friendly features of the building include: geothermal heating and cooling, with each pod zoned separately for occupant comfort; high-efficiency lighting and windows; and energy star appliances and equipment throughout. The exterior of the building blends with the campus nicely and through the use of brick and cast stone masonry, operable windows, and pitched roofs.