Action Plan: Utilizing the resources at its disposal, the University will encourage all students to examine the moral and theological components of one's life. Sanctions for violation of University values, policies, or procedures are described in the following statements. Depending on the violation(s), a student may receive one or a combination of these sanctions.

Loss of Privilege: Removes from the student a privilege of use, access, or participation for a specified length of time to be determined with the violation and student in mind. Loss of Representation: Removes from the student the ability to represent the University through participation on intercollegiate sports teams (this includes, suiting up with the team or sitting with the team during official games) and in any leadership roles on University committees and recognized student clubs or organizations for the duration of the time the sanction is in effect.

Responsibility Agreement: Defines the parameters of expected behavior for a given period of time. The agreement must be prepared by the student under the supervision of the designated hearing officer and be approved by the hearing officer before implementation.

Restitution: Is the act of returning to another person something that has been stolen, or replacing that which has been lost, removed, damaged, or taken away. This includes reimbursement for repair or replacement costs of property (including clean-up costs) and, as it relates to persons, acknowledgment of intentional or unintentional wrong doing and compensation for that grievance in a way that restores and forgives all parties.

Reprimand: Is official notice, in writing, to a student reminding him or her that an institutional policy, regulation, or requirement has been violated and warns that person that a repeat of the offense will lead to disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Warning: Serves notice to a student that his/her behavior has not met University standards. The period of disciplinary warning will be defined.

Disciplinary Probation/Final Disciplinary Probation: Serves notice to a student that his/her behavior is in serious violation of University standards. The period of disciplinary probation will be defined. If another violation occurs during this period of disciplinary probation/final disciplinary probation, the question of rendering a more severe sanction (suspension or expulsion) will be raised. A sanction of final disciplinary probation automatically places the student not in good behavioral standing which invokes the loss of representation sanction.

Suspension from the University: Is separation of the student from the University for a designated period of time, after which the student may reapply for admission. Any student who is readmitted to the University will be required to design a Responsibility Agreement with the Dean of Student Formation outlining behavioral expectations for a specified period of time. Normally that period of time will be a minimum of one semester and a maximum of two semesters.

Expulsion from the University: Is a permanent separation of the student from the University of Dubuque with no opportunity for re-application.

Clear and Present Danger: If, in the opinion of the Dean of Student Formation, a student is a clear and present danger to the community, the Dean, in consultation with the President of the University, may suspend a student from the University pending a student conduct hearing (process described above) and an appeal process.