As an investor, you have many options on how you can make your investment in the University of Dubuque. Outright gifts can be given now and can be put to use immediately, while deferred gifts can be given in the future. Both are vital to the University and its Mission. 

Investors can discuss the best method of giving for their goals and intentions with the University's Office of Advancement at 563.589.3158 or at


Cash is a convenient and easy way to invest. Many alumni and friends of University of Dubuque give via check or credit card. Annual gifts of cash can be made with a single payment or in installments during the year. You decide the amount and frequency and we'll take care of the rest. Invest today online. 


Gifts-in-kind are items of tangible property such as art, books, furnishings, or products. The value of gifts-in-kind, for tax purposes, must be assessed and certified by an independent professional at the investor's request.

If you are interested in giving tangible property to the University, contact the Office of Advancement at 563.589.3158 or at

Real Estate

Real estate, including a personal home, vacation home, or farm, can be given to the University of Dubuque as an outright gift or via the investor's estate. 

Gift options offer distinct tax benefits, such as an immediate income tax deduction and avoidance of capital gains tax. An investor may transfer ownership of an interest in property or real estate that is for sale to the University of Dubuque; after the sale, the University receives its share of the proceeds. 

Given the many considerations involved, prospective donors of real estate should discuss their goals and intentions with the University's Office of Advancement at 563.589.3158 or at prior to transfer.

Deferred Gifts

Deferred gifts are those that you commit to in the present but give to the University of Dubuque in the future. These planned gifts offer a wide variety of benefits, including flexibility, tax savings, and - in some cases - fixed, dependable income for life. Deferred investments often enable you to contribute more to the University than outright investments. You can make a vital difference in ways that benefit you and your loved ones financially and let you fulfill your charitable goals while supporting the University and its Mission.

As an investor, you have many options when considering and planning a deferred gift. The Office of Advancement can assist you in ensuring your goals are met. View our Planned Giving website for additional information.