Our Community Standards

Ours is a value-laden education that focuses on justice, ethics, and responsible stewardship within a globally diverse community. We are guided by a basic set of principles and standards regarding personal and community behavior.

Convictions about Diversity, Inclusion, and Hospitality

Our University's historic Christian identity provides the basis for respecting a diversity of people and ideas, and our Mission commits us to be "a diverse and equitable community where Christian love is practiced." We believe that this fundamental approach to living in community is in sharp contrast to cultural ideologies that value humans based on social standing, gender, race, orientation, ethnicity, nationality, or religion.

We believe that hospitality is genuine attention and openness to "otherness" in a variety of forms. Therefore, we maintain our identities in an atmosphere of mutual respect and welcome. Acts that degrade others separate us from each other and from God. As a faith-based community of teaching and learning, we practice mutual respect, love of one another, and forbearance amid disagreements.

We are a complex educational community that intentionally seeks people with diverse political, social, religious, and economic commitments, as we believe that is the best environment in which to form leaders. With an attitude of humility and by working together, we seek flourishing for all humanity.


We value honesty and truthfulness in every aspect of campus life.


Worth of the Individual

We value the intrinsic worth of every individual in our community and seek to honor different opinions, attitudes, backgrounds, and beliefs.


We value intellectual, spiritual, and moral development and recognize the need for personal responsibility and responsible self-expression as we seek to become lifelong learners and of service to the community.


Respect for Community Authority

We value our freedom but understand the need to exercise that freedom responsibly within the guidelines set forth by this community.


Respect for Property and Stewardship of the Campus Environment

We value the privilege of living together and understand that our responsibility as stewards of the community requires acting in ways that respect the property of others, the environment, and the future of this University.