The University of Dubuque supports all students and their diversity of learning styles and strengths. The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides a positive learning environment and a variety of resources and learning support services. Workshops and individualized support are available to help students develop general learning strategies including study skills, test taking skills, and techniques for time management and organization.  

821unique students participated in ASC sessions and events

3404appointments hosted for tutoring, writing consulting, and academic mentoring

150different courses supported by tutors and writing consultants

Learning Support Services

Bridge Scholar Program

The Bridge Scholar Program supports students as they transition into the college environment. Through an affirmative, proactive approach and supportive community, Bridge scholars are empowered and equipped to reach their full potential.

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Where is the ASC located?

The Academic Success Center is located on the second floor of the Charles C. Myers Library.

How do I contact the ASC?

For more information, please email or call the Academic Success Center front desk at 563.589.3262.

How can I schedule an appointment?

The ASC uses an online scheduling system, which allows students to view ASC schedules and make appointments at their convience. Visit to view appointment times.

Walk-in appointments are also welcome. However, to ensure someone will be available to help you, we recommend booking in advance. If you need assistance scheduling an appointment, please stop by the ASC in person or call 563.589.3262.

Collaboration with Athletics

The Academic Success Center works with coaches to support student-athletes as they balance their athletic and academic pursuits. We provide options for large group Study Tables or weekly independent study goals that are team-specific.

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