UD Assistant Professor Named 2017 Northeast Iowa Region Nurse of the Year

Dec 8, 2017

DUBUQUE, Iowa – Carol Chesterman, assistant professor of nursing at the University of Dubuque, received the 2017 Northeast Iowa Region Nurse of the Year award at the Iowa Nurses Association/Iowa Nurses Foundation Annual Meeting.

“To me, this award honors my 41 years of experience as a registered nurse,” Chesterman said. “As only a nursing degree will allow, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of diverse positions that include providing patient care in a number of areas such as renal, neuro/rehab, ICU, and mental health. I’ve held a variety of leadership positions, and for the past 25 years I have had the honor and privilege to be a nurse educator, which is my passion.”

A member of the Iowa Nurses Association (INA) for around 20 years, Chesterman recently became the chair of the INA’s Public Policy Committee. The committee tracks and monitors legislation that affects the healthcare of Iowans and the practice of nursing. The committee also holds an annual Legislative Day in Des Moines where nurses and nursing students learn how to be involved in public policy and develop effective communication strategies to share their opposition or support of a bill with legislators. After the morning program, nurses and nursing students visit with their area legislators at the Capitol. Last year, 400 attendees represented 12 nursing programs at the Legislative Day.

Chesterman’s education began at the Finley Hospital School of Nursing and culminated with a master of science in nursing with a focus in nursing education at the University of Iowa in 1998. She has worked at UD since 2011 as an assistant professor of nursing. As an advisor for the University of Dubuque Student Nurses Association (UDSNA), Chesterman has endeavored to create future nurse leaders and promote professionalism in nursing. This year, four UD nursing students hold positions on the executive board of the Iowa Association of Nursing Students. In April, some UDSNA members will attend the National Student Nurses Convention.