Community engagement provides opportunities for UD students to engage in local communities through service, service learning, and practical experiences that utilize their skills and talents. These opportunities are available on the UD campus, within the UD community, and the surrounding tri-state area.

Did you know there are over 500 non-profit organizations in the Dubuque community? Most of those organizations make the impact they do through the involvement of volunteers. With that many organizations, we can help you find a project, program, or need that you are interested in and want to make a difference. Reach out to our team and set up an appointment on Handshake to discuss and find service opportunities!

Volunteer opportunities are available all year for students to complete on an individual or group basis! A list of upcoming events is found on Handshake or Campus Groups Students can also contact Carissa Brown, Graduate Assistant for Leadership Development and Community Engagement at for more information.

Documenting Service

It is a good idea to keep track of your service opportunities as you complete the experiences. This information is helpful to include in your resume, graduate school applications, or for other opportunities that may involve a service component. As you complete or participate in service, you should develop a spreadsheet to note the date(s) of the experience, the location or the organization that you worked with, the name and contact information of the volunteer coordinator, and what you did. This will make it easier to look back and find the information when you are asked for it. Contact us for help in setting this up.  

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