Wendt Character Initiative

David M. Bailey, 2021 Spring Wendt Character Lecturer 


David M. Bailey will deliver our virtual spring Michael Lester Wendt Character Lecture, titled What to do in Red Sea Moments.

When it comes to the racial caste system in America, we have things we’re trying to leave behind us and obstacles to overcome in front of us. By looking at the past, in this lecture we will learn from ways that folks have innovatively engaged in racial justice and healing through reconciling culture making. 

Register here for our upcoming virtual Michael Lester Wendt Character Lecture at 6 p.m., Monday, Feb. 1, 2021, featuring David M. Bailey, public theologian and culture-maker focused on community reconciliation. Click here to learn more.


Shaping Character for Lives of Purpose

Character is about excellence as a whole human being in every aspect of one’s life. It’s about being the best person one can be—being all God created us to be. Our goal is to be excellent persons:

  • People of integrity whose lives are characterized by truthfulness, honesty, and stewardship;
  • People of justice who treat all people fairly, respect diversity, and practice Christian love;
  • People of compassion who live by the Golden Rule in service of others.

The Wendt Character Initiative seeks to promote a culture of excellent moral character.

Click on the video below for an overview of the Wendt Character Initiative. Read our Winter 2020-21 Newsletter for a look at what's been happening lately.