UD Announces the Expansion of the Chlapaty Summer Research Fellowships

Oct 23, 2012

University President Jeffrey F. Bullock today announced the expansion of the Joseph and Linda Chlapaty Summer Research Fellowships, doubling their annual commitment for this initiative to $100,000.  Also included is a challenge to other members of the University Board of Trustees to raise $25,000 annually in additional support.  Initially focused on students in the sciences and mathematics, the fellowships will be expanded across the disciplines in the undergraduate college and the theological seminary.

"We are grateful to Joe and Linda Chlapaty for their strong commitment to this significant initiative," commented President Bullock.  "The success of this program in the sciences is the impetus for the Chlapatys to expand the reach of the fellowships.  These fellowships create an important opportunity for talented undergraduates to do scholarly research with a senior scholar-mentor, to do preparation for graduate entrance examinations, and to build a network of professional contacts."

During the summer of 2012, 8 Chlapaty Research Fellows worked with five senior scholar-mentors on projects ranging from Gender Differences in Home-Range and Activity Budgets of Southern Flying Squirrels in Eastern Iowa, Discovering How Orchid Genes Paint Their Flowers, to Gene Transfer in Human Liver Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells.

"Linda and I were so excited to read the report of the research work in the sciences done by Chlapaty Fellows last summer," said Joe Chlapaty.  "We applaud the leadership of project leader Dr. Adam Hoffman, his colleagues and their work with their students.  The positive outcomes of the summer 2012 program convinced us that these opportunities should be expanded to other undergraduate disciplines and the theological seminary."

The Chlapaty Summer Research Fellowship program is a competitive program designed to aid in the preparation of talented undergraduate students for graduate study.  Fellowship projects are to be completed during the summer following the students' sophomore or junior years.   Awardees are expected to commit 40 hours each week for 10 weeks to the Fellowship and up to sixteen students may be awarded this Fellowship each year.  Each Chlapaty Fellow will receive a stipend of $5,000, and an additional $500 for research supplies or travel costs associated with their research project.