Wrestling Goes 3-0, Wins Jim Fox Duals

Jan 4, 2020

DUBUQUE, Iowa - The University of Dubuque wrestling team defendied their home mat on Satruday morning with three dual wins to win the 14th Annual Jim Fox Duals.

The Spartans started off the dual tournament with dominant wins in their opening two matches over Fontbonne and MSOE, however, the match against Concorida Moorhead was a thriller. With the match still up in the air at 197, newcomer Chris Nielsen made his mark. Nielsen pinned Concordia's Gabriel Zierden midway through the third period to give the Spartans a nine point lead, sealing the match. Freshman Darryl Aiello put an exclamation point on the match with a dominating 20-9 win at 285 and the final match of the day to give UD the 29-15 win and 3-0 record on the day.

The Spartans had five individuals go a perfect 3-0 on the day. Aaron Black (125), Brendan Hazelton (133), Zarik Anderson (165) and Chris Nielsen all went 2-0 with a forfeit as their third win, while Luke Radeke pinned two oppenents and came away with a 6-4 decision in his third match. On the morning, the Spartans combined for 13 falls.

‪Head coach Jon McGovern added" A Good effort today by the UD Spartans wrestling team going 3-0 in the Jim Fox Duals with wins over Fontbonne University, Milwauke School of Engineering, and Concordia-Moorhead (MN), better never stops."

UD alumnus Jim Fox, was a 1963 graduate of UD, and won the IIAC title wrestling his senior year for the Spartans. The well-known Fox continued his interest in the sport of wrestling long after he graduated from the university. He would continue after his collegiate days as one of the officials at the NCAA wrestling championships in Iowa City and many other Big Ten wrestling meets around the Midwest. In front of a capacity crowd in Stolz Sports Center in 2005 it was announced this tournament would be officially named the Jim Fox Spartan Open/Duals beginning in 2006. Fox lives in Bettendorf, Iowa.


UD vs. Fontbonne
125: Aaron Black (DUBU) over Austin Cornell (FONT) (Fall 1:00)
133: Brendan Hazelton (DUBU) over Tanner Koester (FONT) (Fall 0:33)
141: Noah Patton (FONT) over Isaiah Williams (DUBU) (Dec 3-1)
149: Luke Radeke (DUBU) over David Vance (FONT) (Fall 2:19)
157: Greg Krulas (DUBU) over Ryan Howerton (FONT) (Fall 3:55)
165: Zarik Anderson (DUBU) over (FONT) (For.)
174: Delmontae Davis (DUBU) over Micah Dennis (FONT) (Dec 16-15)
184: Alec Dufour (DUBU) over Dalton Rawlins (FONT) (MD 18-6)
197: Chris Nielsen (DUBU) over (FONT) (For.)
285: Robert Melise (DUBU) over Joseph Johnson (FONT) (Dec 6-0)
FINAL: Dubuque 46, Fontbonne 3

125: Aaron Black (DUBU) over (MSOE) (For.)
133: Brendan Hazelton (DUBU) over Gianni Rago (MSOE) (Fall 0:19)
141: Brock Radeke (DUBU) over Eddie Diaz Barragan (MSOE) (Fall 2:18)
149: Luke Radeke (DUBU) over Jimmy Cushman (MSOE) (Fall 1:01)
157: Jack Rathburn (MSOE) over Andrew Suacedo (DUBU) (Dec 5-4)
165: Zarik Anderson (DUBU) over Chris Botzoc (MSOE) (Fall 1:54)
174: Drew Matticks (MSOE) over Logan Sears (DUBU) (Dec 9-2)
184: Helton Vandenbush (MSOE) over Stone Durham (DUBU) (Fall 2:14)
197: Chris Nielsen (DUBU) over Jack Horihan (MSOE) (Fall 2:38)
285: Darryl Aiello (DUBU) over (MSOE) (For.)
FINAL: Dubuque 42, MSOE 12

UD vs. Concordia Moorhead
125: Aaron Black (DUBU) over Cole Kubesh (COMO) (Dec 14-9)
133: Brendan Hazelton (DUBU) over (COMO) (For.)
141: Cade Lundeen (COMO) over Brock Radeke (DUBU) (Fall 6:50)
149: Luke Radeke (DUBU) over Tyler Bents (COMO) (Dec 6-4)
157: Greg Krulas (DUBU) over Bret Wilson (COMO) (Dec 6-5)
165: Zarik Anderson (DUBU) over Kaden Spindler (COMO) (Dec 1-0)
174: Ian Frenzel (COMO) over Delmontae Davis (DUBU) (Dec 5-0)
184: Jake Arends (COMO) over Alec Dufour (DUBU) (Fall 3:40)
197: Chris Nielsen (DUBU) over Gabriel Zierden (COMO) (Fall 5:56)
285: Darryl Aiello (DUBU) over Austin Ratliff (COMO) (MD 20-9)
FINAL: DUBUQUE 28, Concordia Moorhead 15

Mat #2
MSOE - 18

Concordia-Moorhead - 35

125- Cole Kubesh (C) won by a forfeit  (M-6, C-0)
133- Gianni Rago (M) won by a forfeit (M-6, C-6)
141- Benjamin Bogart (C) won by a fall in 4:53 over Eddie Diaz Barragan (M) (M-6, C-12)
149- Kellen Schauer (C) won by a fall in 1:25 over Jimmy Cushman (M) (M-6, C-18)
157- Jack Rathburn (M)  won by a major decision 10-2 over Gabe Allen (C) (M-10, C-18)
165- Kaden Spindler (C) won by a fall in 2:33 over Chris Botzoc (M)  (M-10, C-24)
174- Drew Matticks (M) won by a decision 5-0 over Ian Frenzel (C) (M-13, C-24)
184- Helton Vandenbush(M) won by a tech fall (16-1) in 6:34 over Jacob Arends (C) (M-18, C-24)
197- Gabe Zierden (C) won by a tech fall (16-0) in 3:46 over Jack Horihan (M) (M-18, C-29)
285- Austin Ratliff (C) won by a forfeit (M-18, C-35)

141 - Dakotah Unpingco (D) won by a makor decsion 14-5 over AJ Backes (C)
174- Jack Allen (D) won by a fall in 3:45 over Russell Goodman (M)
197- Terrin Rackouski (D) won by a tech fall (16-1) in 6:51 over Evan Carter (M)


Fontbonne - 9
Concordia-Moorhead - 41

125- Cole Kubesh (C) won by a fall in 2:12 over Austin Cornell (F) (C-6, F-0)
133- Tanner Koester (F) won by forfeit (C-6, F-6)
141- Benjamin Bogart (C) won by a fall in 3:36 over Noah Patton (F)  (C-12, F-6)
149- Kellen Schauer (C) won by a fall in 1:53 over David Vance (F) (C-18, F-6)
157- Bret Wilson (C) won by a fall in 2:45 over Ryan Howerton Jr. (F) (C-24, F-6)
165- Kaden Spindler (C) won by a forfeit (C-30, F-6)
174- Ian Frenzel (C) won by a fall in 1:58 over Micah Dennis (F) (C-36, F-6)
184- Ayden Friese (C) won by tech fall (18-0) in 2:26 Dalton Rawlins (F) (C-41, F-6)
197- both teams forfeit
285- Joey Johnson (F) won by a decision 4-2 over Austin Ratliff (C) (C-41, F-9)

149 - Isaiah Williams (D) won by a major 9-1 over decision AJ Backes (C)
141 - Rylan Hughbanks (D) won by a fall in 2:27 over Riley Friese (C)
149 - Gabe Allen (C) won by a fall in 7:58 over Julius Boimah (D)
184 - Ayden Friese (C) won by a fall in 3:26 over Russel Goodman (M)


MSOE - 31
Fontbonne- 21

125- Austin Cornell (F) won by a forfeit  (F-6, M-0)
133- Tanner Koester (F) won by a fall in 1:31 over Gianni Rago (M)  (F-12, M-0)
141- Noah Patton (F) won by a fall in 6:49 over Eddie Diaz Barragan (M) (F-18, M-0)
149- Jimmy Cushman (M) won by a major decision over 10-2 over David Vance (F) F-18, M-4)
157- Jack Rathburn (M) won by a decision 4-0 over Ryan Howerton Jr. (F) (F-18, M-7)
165- Chris Botzoc (M) won by a forfeit (F-18, M-13)
174- Drew Matticks (M) won by a fall in 2:19 over Micah Dennis (F) (F-18, F-19)
184- Helton Vandenbush(M) won by a fall in 1:42 over Dalton Rawlins (F) (F-18, M-25)
197- Evan Carter (M) won by a forfeit (F-18, M-31)
285- Joey Johnson (F) won by a decision 10-5 over  Jack Horihan (M) (F-21, M-31)