Spartans of UD: Lyndy Holdt

Apr 7, 2021

Spartans of UD highlights what makes the University of Dubuque special – the people.

Lyndy Holdt, of Davenport, Iowa, is a senior double majoring in biology and environmental science who is in the Scholar-Leader Honors Program.

1. You are part of a community of high-achieving students who were invited to participate in the Scholar-Leader Honors Program. Why did you want to participate in the program?

“At first glance, I just liked the idea of graduating with honors. But, as soon as I got to campus and took my first honors class, I loved the environment that was created. UD is already a small school, but honors classes give you the opportunity to gather in even smaller groups for a more intense and personal experience. I had never been a fan of public speaking, but I took an honors speech class and that totally propelled me out of my shell.”

2. What do you enjoy most about the Scholar-Leader Honors Program?

“The best thing about being a part of the Scholar-Leader Honors Program for the last four years is the unique opportunities I have had the chance to experience. My sophomore year I took a J-Term class titled Death and the Afterlife, where we tackled questions of death and morality. This prompted me to reflect on and discuss things I had never even thought of before. I was also able to attend a National Collegiate Honors Council Conference in New Orleans before COVID, where I got to connect and learn from other honors programs across the country.”

3. How would you describe the Scholar–Leader Honors Program to someone new on campus?

“The Scholar-Leader Honors Program is a collection of like-minded students who have a passion for learning – whether that learning is in the classroom, outside the classroom, or from each other. This group is for those who truly care about learning and want to take that to the next level.”

4. What is one important lesson you have learned through the Scholar-Leader Honors Program?

“The Scholar-Leader Honors Program has really broadened my world view in the last four years. I have taken some very interesting classes that helped me think outside of my major on a variety of topics. In the last two years that we have started doing seminar, we've covered a wide scope of subjects through books, documentaries, discussions, and lectures.”

5. What advice do you have for students who are interested in the Scholar-Leader Honors Program?

“Just ask! If you're interested in the Scholar-Leader Honors Program, talk to the program director, Adam Smith. The goal of the program is to create a community of lifelong learners, not necessarily 4.0 students.”