Spartans of UD: Raymond Anderson

Aug 29, 2018 | University Relations staff

Spartans of UD highlights what makes University of Dubuque special – the people who live, work, and study on campus. Raymond Anderson’s journey into the Department of Residence Life began his senior year of college. A native of Riverdale, Illinois, Anderson is in his third year as a residence hall director, supervising students in University Park Village and Seminary Village.

Spartans of UD - Ray Anderson
Raymond Anderson
Residence Hall Director

1. Why were you interested in the residence hall director position at the University of Dubuque?

“My Residence Life journey started my senior year of college at Ashford University. My passion for the department grew as time went on because I enjoyed the impact that I made on my peers. I was referred to the position here at UD by one of my fellow resident assistants. As the interview process went on, I was invited to an on-campus tour. Once I stepped foot on the campus, I knew that I could see myself working here. One thing that really sold me on UD was the friendly environment.”

2. What do you enjoy most about being a residence hall director?

“The most enjoyable moments in my career are the student development aspect. I started working with underclassmen and then transitioned to upperclassmen. The best part of the transition has been seeing how your students grow each year and building a great relationship with them.”

3. What tips do you have for new students living in residence halls?

“Make sure you know your RAs and residence hall director. They are some of the most important resources you will have on campus. Your RAs are your peers and can be your direct mentors. Another piece of advice would be to get involved on campus as much as possible. Join as many organizations that you can handle. Even just showing up to some on campus events will help relieve some homesickness.”

4. How would you characterize your leadership style?

“I have more of a coaching leadership style, because I like to help students work on what steps to take to be successful in the future.”

5. What has been your favorite program/activity you implemented in your residence hall? Why?

“My favorite event that I hosted was the A-Town BBQ. I chose this event due to the amount of students who attended the event. We had almost 60 percent of the building come hang out. There was food and games provided at the event. Free food typically is the best way to grab students’ attention because they get tired of the boring education socials. The best part of the event was that it even attracted students from other halls to come join in on the fun.”