Emergency Numbers

On Campus: 3333 (or 563.589.3333)
Police: 911
Fire: 911
Ambulance: 911

Non-Emergency Numbers

Safety and Security Department: 563.589.3333
Police: 563.589.4415
Fire: 563.589.4415
Ambulance: 563.589.4415

Snow Emergency Numbers

563.589.3333 (Safety and Security)

Emergency Telephones

If you feel unsafe or are faced with an emergency, use the emergency telephones that are located around campus. The telephones have blue light on top and are labeled "Emergency." They are located at the following areas:

  • University Park Drive near the traffic gate by Donnell Hall
  • University Park Drive midway between the traffic gates
  • University Park Drive near the traffic gate in Park Village
  • South CRWC lot near the access gate and tennis courts
  • South CRWC lot near the south corner of Veterans Memorial Training Center
  • South CRWC lot near Oyen Soccer Field
How To Operate

Press the red button. The phone will automatically dial the university Safety and Security, who will immediately know you exact location.

An example of emergency use would be reporting a crime, suspicious activity, medical assistance, traffic accidents or other law violations.

Campus phones are also located on the outside of buildings near the entrances. These phones are available to contact Security at 3333, and any internal campus numbers.

IMPORTANT: These telephones do NOT allow any outside calls, including 911.

Campus Phone Locations:

  • Park Village - all entry doors
  • Chlapaty Hall - main entrance
  • Cassat/Donnell Halls - Bennett Street entrances
  • Aitchison - front and near entrances
  • Heritage Center - north and south vestibules
  • Chlapaty Wellness Center - north and south entrances, each corner on west side
  • Mercer Birmingham - lower entry doors
  • Charles & Romona Myers Center - Algona Street entrance and Heritage side entrance
  • Charles C. Myers Library - inside the entry way
  • Goldthorp - ADA entry near the outdoor classroom and the service entrance (not accessible right now due to construction area)
  • Hardee's parking lot - located next to the driveway and the handicapped space as a self-standing telephone in a yellow box

IMPORTANT: These telephones do NOT allow any outside calls, including 911.

Misuse of Telephones

These phones are provided for the safety and security of all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Abuse or misuse through prank, false, or harassing calls is a crime by state statute, and violators may be prosecuted. If you press the red button by mistake, please advise the emergency operator of your mistake immediately.