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  • Career Cruising: Matchmaker Guide
  • Career Cruising offers many features to help you assess and explore your career interests. One of the primary functions of Career Cruising is the Matchmaker. Follow the steps below to get started with the Career Cruising Matchmaker assessment. 
  1. Go to: and click My Campus Login on the top right corner of the homepage. 

  2. Log in using your UD username/password 

    a. Click on the “Career Cruising” App

  3. Click the “assessment” tab
    a. You will see other assessments on this page that we encourage you to check out. The learning styles assessment can be especially helpful by providing suggested study tips based on your preferred learning style.

  4. Click “Start Matchmaker” 

  5. Read the instructions on the next page & notice the likert-scale that will used to answer each question. 

    a. Keep in mind, the assessment is NOT timed or graded. This is about you and for you; answer the questions truthfully, not according to what others think or say you should do or are good at.

    *Hint: Use the middle “does not matter” option as little as possible (it doesn’t help narrow your interests otherwise) & go with your gut instinct.

  6. Name your assessment & click “start now” 

  7. Once you have answered all 39 initial questions, you will see a list of top 40 occupations according to your 
answers. These results are still very broad, please answer all 116 questions. 

  8. On the left hand side (you may have to scroll down a little), click “answer more questions” 

    a. You will answer another group of questions and then select “answer more questions” again to finish out all 116 questions. 

    b. Answering all 116 questions will provide the most accurate and focused list of career interests. 

  9. Once you have completed all 116 questions, click on an occupation of interest & explore.
    a. All occupational profiles are the same. Pay close attention to the: sample career path, related careers, other resources, and interviews.
    b. You can also save careers you are especially interested in by clicking the “Save to My Plan” button at the top right of the page.

These steps conclude the matchmaker assessment. In addition to exploring the occupational profiles, feel free to explore all aspects of the Career Cruising program at your convenience. We would especially encourage you to explore the career tab & complete the financial aid selector found under the financial tab.

If you have any questions or troubles accessing Career Cruising through the My Campus Login, please contact Director of Advising, Keisha Schroeder at