Moral formation takes place in a specific context. How do those contexts shape us, affect us? We are interested in exploring through different lenses - different disciplines - things like the diversity of that formation, the ways specifics shape the kind of formation, and the ways that we can create contexts to better foster character that models integrity, justice, and compassion.

To address such questions and explore the interplay between home and the development of character, especially as it relates to justice, integrity, and compassion, on March 1-2, 2018, the Wendt Character Initiative hosted the interdisciplinary conference, Character and Place: How We Shape Home and Home Shapes Us.

The conference featured a keynote speech by Brian Walsh, scholarly panels, and a gallery show. Panels engaged the theme through topics in healthcare, vocation, psychology, art, sociology, communication, literature, philosophy, theology, anthropology, law, education, and linguistics.

View our Conference proceedings to learn more about our programming and read conference papers.