The Wendt New Scholar Application deadline has passed. Thank you for your interest. The New Scholar Application Form for 2020-21 will be available beginning December 1st.

New Applicants

Renewal Feedback Form

If you are currently a Wendt Character Scholar (and not in your third year), we encourage you to apply for renewal by completing the renewal feedback form. Renewals are evaluated based on good academic and behavioral standing and your completion of responsibilities from the past year. You must be willing to commit to another full year in the program in order to be considered for renewal.


Eligibility for Wendt Character Scholarship is awarded on an annual basis and is renewable up to two times, for a total of three years' participation in the program. We encourage all UD undergraduate and UDTS students who wish to be a Wendt Character Scholar to apply to the program.

Applications are evaluated based on good academic and behavioral standing, service experience, and overall fit with the program. Selected applicants must commit to full participation in required co-curricular programming throughout the academic year to be accepted as a Wendt Character Scholar and receive a $3,000 scholarship for that year.