Wendt Character Scholar Pledge

By God’s grace, as a Wendt Character Scholar
I pledge to seek the development of excellent moral character in my own life,
and to support and encourage right living in the world.

I will pursue goodness, not just of behavior and speech,
but of heart, embracing moral and spiritual resources
that shape my soul in a godly way.

I pledge to live a life of growing integrity, marked by truthfulness.
I will strive to be honest and sincere with constancy.

I pledge to live in community according to the golden rule,
recognizing the inherent, God-given value of each individual.

I will practice fairness and justice,
and promote these in the community and the world.

I will demonstrate respect and care for others,
and appreciate and learn from diversity.

I pledge to live a life of service, viewing my vocation
as a God-given stewardship of opportunity
to exercise creativity for the good of others and the world.
I will accept the sacrifice and self-discipline
that are required for a life of service.

These things I pledge as a Wendt Character Scholar.