Faculty Character Grants

Each year, the Wendt Character Initiative offers grants to faculty members leading classes or projects related to character, and which have a specific character-centered outcome.

Grant Qualifications

The Wendt Character Initiative funds a limited number of projects or events proposed by faculty and staff each year. The purpose of this funding is to enable faculty and staff to actively engage students in activities which challenge or encourage them in the area of character and ethics, and to help them reflect on and name the Initiative’s character values.

To receive funding through the Wendt Character Initiative, the proposed project or event must clearly relate to the Initiative's mission of promoting reflection on, and development of, ethical character in individuals and within the University of Dubuque's culture.

Grant Request Evaluation Process

Each Wendt Faculty Grant Request will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Application engages the ethos of the Wendt Character Initiative.
  • Application is consistent with the Initiative's Mission.
  • Application identifies an outcome explicitly tied to character knowledge and/or formation. 
  • Activities include an explicit reflection and/or discussion of how character is shaped by this experience or character knowledge is expanded.

Grant Funding Guidelines

Funding decisions for projects and events are made by the Wendt Advisory Board and will be tiered in this manner:

  • Invited speaker (local)................................. Maximum $100
  • Faculty/Staff individual project ................... Maximum $500
  • Project that actively engages students ...... Maximum $1,000

Faculty Grant Reports

View a previous year's Wendt Tea, a celebration of Wendt Faculty Grants awarded during the academic year.