Spartans of UD

Spartans of UD highlights what makes University of Dubuque special – the people.

Nicolette Evans l Business and Marketing Double Major

Kevin (Tao) Lin | Digital Art and Design Major

Lyndy Holdt l Biology and Environmental Science Double Major

Andrew Simcox | Psychologist

Kira Finifrock l Communication and Sociology Double Major

Mika Rangel | Theology Major

Eric Jones l Residence Hall Director in Cassat Hall and Adjunct Professor

Sasha Williams l Psychology Major

Connor Golden (C’17) l Physician Assistant Student

Molly Schiltz l Human Health Science and English Double Major

Matt Tompkins l Theatre and Philosophy and Ethics Double Major and Adjunct World View I Instructor

Megan Collister | Nursing Major

Chrissy Holmes l Computer Forensics and Security Major

Adam Hoffman l Head of the Department of Natural and Applied Sciences and Professor of Environmental Chemistry

Dariya Piontkovskaya l Aviation Management Major

Colton Youngren l Criminal Justice and Communication Double Major

Carolena Lund | Criminal Justice, Politics, and Communication Triple Major

Marq Hicks l Digital Art and Design Major

Nate Bardon | English in Secondary Education, English, Philosophy and Ethics Triple Major

Taylor Rupp | Babka Bookstore Student Employee and Philosophy and Ethics Major

Daphney Gabriel | Peer Leader and Human Health Science Major

Randall "Howie" Meyer l Custodian - Stoltz Sports Center and McCormick Gymnasium

Isalino “JJ” Valencia l Human Health Science Major

Andrew Mettert l Executive Chef

Brigette Kyei Nimakoh l Interim Director of Student Conduct

Mackenzie Helgemoe l Environmental Biology in Secondary Education, All Science in Secondary Education, and Math in Secondary Education Triple Major

Alan Garfield, Chair and Professor of Digital Art and Design l Director of Bisignano Art Gallery

Rylee Andresen, Human Health Science Major

Sarah Slaughter, Reference and Instruction Librarian

Spartans of UD - Bindu Balakrishnan

Bindu Balakrishnan, Assistant Professor of Neurophysiology

Spartans of UD: Ozzy Schiessl
Ozzy Schiessl, Business Major | Treasure of UD Veterans

Spartans of UD - Dick Smith
Dick Smith, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Spartans of UD - Aigerim Begalieva
Aigerim Begalieva, Master of Divinity Student

Spartans of UD - Carly Stork
Carly Stork, Learning Support Services Coordinator - Academic Success Center

Marshon Crowder - Spartans of UD
Marshon Crowder, Human Health Science Major | Linebacker on the Football team

Spartans of UD - Kathryn Silberstein
Kathryn Silberstein (C'18), Physician Assistant Student

Spartans of UD - Randy Schultz
Randy Schultz, Technical Director/Production Manager at Heritage Center

Spartans of UD - April Elsbernd
April Elsbernd, Head Women's Volleyball Coach

Spartans of UD - Ranfer Hernandez
Ranfer Hernandez, Graduate Assistant | Student Activities Board Advisor

Sheila Sabers - Spartans of UD
Sheila Sabers, Assistant Professor of Digital Art and Design

Sam Wu - Spartans of UD
Sam (En-Yu) Wu, Nursing Major

Riyan White - Spartans of UD (Fall 2019)
Riyan White, Criminal Justice Major | First-Year Experience Mentor and Student Ambassador.

Spartans of UD - Joe Letriz
JOE LETRIZ (C'13), Technical Services Manager at the Charles C. Myers Library

Spartans of UD - Abby Smith
ABBY SMITH, Math in Secondary Education and Mathematics Double Major

Spartans of UD - Melissa Hemesath
MELISSA HEMESATH, Associate Vice President for the Office of Advancement

Spartans of UD - Tom Scroggs
TOM SCROGGS, Biology Major

Spartans of UD - Rick Ernst
RICK ERNST (CSM, USA, Ret.), Veterans Admission and Assistance Coordinator l Director of the Sergeant Jeffrey B. Dodge Veterans Center

Spartans of UD - Powell twins
JASIA POWELL, Sociology and Criminal Justice Major | Student Ambassador
DASIA POWELL, Criminal Justice Major | Student Ambassador

Spartans of UD - Jon Davison
JON DAVISON (C’61), Senior Counsel – Advancement

Spartans of UD - Allie Colsch
ALLIE COLSCH, Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program Student

Spartans of UD - Alyssa Kent
ALYSSA KENT, Marketing and Human Resource Management Major l Barista at Sylvia's Common Ground

Spartans of UD - Janelle Schueller
JANELL SCHUELLER, Operations Coordinator in the Office of Student Financial Planning

Spartans of UD - Lincoln Moliga
LINCOLN MOLIGA, Flight Operations Major

Spartans of UD - Logan Ellis
LOGAN ELLIS, Coordinator of the UDTS Food Pantry l Young Adult Ministry Scholar

Spartans of UD - JoAnne Trowbridge
JOANNE TROWBRIDGE, Supervisor of Campus Post Office/Print Room

Spartans of UD - Ray Anderson
RAYMOND ANDERSON, Residence Hall Director

Spartans of UD - Rachel Thorne
RACHEL THORNE, First-Year Experience Mentor/Captain

Mary Anne Knefel Spartans of UD
MARY ANNE KNEFEL, University Librarian and Professor of Library and Information Science

Jane Herbst Spartans of UD
JANE HERBST, Safety and Security Officer Supervisor

Spartans of UD: Franklin Yartey
FRANKLIN YARTEY, Associate Professor of Communication

Spartans of UD: Katrina Richardson
KATRINA RICHARDSON, Master of Divinity Student

Spartans of UD: Margo Ketels
MARGO KETELS, Director of Campus Stores

Spartans of UD: Annalee Ward
ANNALEE Ward, Director of the Wendt Center for Character Education | Professor of Communication

Spartans of UD: Steven Cortez
STEVEN CORTEZ, Senior Human Resource Management and Fine and Performing Arts Major

JOSE ESCORIZA (C'09), Assistant Director of Admission

Spartans of UD: Christine Darr
Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics l Director of the Scholar-Leader Honors Program

Katie Boyer - Spartans of UD
KATIE BOYER, Assistant Professor of Education

Lee Noethe - Spartans of UD
LEE NOETHE, Director of MBA and LIFE Admission - Dubuque Campus

De'Shaun Madkins - Spartans of UD
DE'SHAUN MADKINS, Senior criminal justice, sociology, and English student

Phyllis Garfield - Spartans of UD
PHYLLIS GARFIELD, Director of International Student Services and Study Abroad

Spartans of UD: Jim Gunn
REV. JIM GUNN (MDiv '02), Lindsay Undergraduate Campus Chaplain

Spartans of UD - Claudio Giraldi
CLAUDIO GIRALDI (C'11, MBA'13, MAC'17), Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach

Spartans of UD - May Sukumaran
Graduate Program Coordinator l Teaching Specialist in Business

Spartans of UD - Charles Barland
Professor of Music l Head of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Spartans of UD - Barb Smeltzer
Undergrad Student Resource Advisor l Campus Mom

Jose Reinoso - Spartans of UD
Coordinator of Intramural Sports l Adjunct Faculty

Spartans of UD - Anja Arend
ANJA AREND, Senior Nursing Student

Spartans of UD - Ben Bartels
BEN BARTELS, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Spartans of UD - Rasika Mudalige-Jayawickrama
RASIKA MUDALIGE-JAYAWICKRAMA, Associate Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences

Spartans of UD: Bridgette Brandt
BRIDGETTE BRANDT (C'17), Graduate Assistant Football Coach/Operations

Mick Miyamoto - Spartans of UD
MICK MIYAMOTO PhD, Vice President and Dean of Student Life

Spartans of UD - Chris James
CHRISTOPHER JAMES, Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Missional Christianity

Spartans of UD: Chris Peterson (1024x512)
CHRIS PETERSON (C'04), Associate Director of Admission

Spartans of UD - Marissa Joers
MARISSA JOERS, Junior Business Administration Major

Chad Gunnelson - Spartans of UD
CHAD GUNNELSON (C'13), Director of Track & Field | Cross Country

 Becky Canovan - Spartans of UD - No.1
BECKY CANOVAN, Reference and Instruction Librarian

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